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Original: Help - My 3D World
My 3D World
Got a nickname but no 3D house yet?
Just download our free 3D software right now!
moove online offers your very own, completely customizable world on your PC!
This world belongs solely to you and you don't have to share it with... - 6k - Text Cache

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List of support answers
...What would happen in the "real" world if you offered your customers just empty rooms and flyers?...
Offer the same support and service to your customers on the Internet as you do in the "real" world....
We will integrate your business club highly visible into our virtual world.... - 44k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - FAQ Community
moove online - Help - FAQ Community...
I just registered my free nickname, where can I download my free 3D house? In order to use your 3D house you need to download the free 3D software "moove Roomancer". On the left side of the community page please click either on "Get 3D home" or open this link directly and follow the steps to download and install the free 3D house.... - 19k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Avatar Information
...This demonstration was created with the help of the new Software Brand Worlds Tools, the new way to create animated web content. Brand Worlds Tools is the first 3D tool specifically developed for creating rendered web animations. Please click here for a free download of this software developed by moove.... - 4k - Text Cache - Similar pages

My golden cup
...Please note: Just send us the link to the page with your review by using Help and Contact, or send us a hard copy of your published letter or article. This way you prevent overlooking and you get your golden cup....
Web World Rating and review 3D Links Rating and review... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Links for Designer
...Brand Worlds Tools 3D designer DOORS programmer Tool programmer Hint: Designer medals can be requested by using Help and Contact. Tools and documentation can be found in our Shop under Developer, in the Community menu section Designer and in moove Roomancer "Extras", "Developer Tools"....
3D Tutorials... - 11k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help Links
...Help Links...
My 3D World...
Get 3D Home & Avatars... - 8k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Designer Shops
...Brand Worlds Tools 3D designer DOORS programmer Tool programmer Help for received files...
All 3D Designers... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Satisfied Members
...CarlDompierre Moove's Interface is the greatest 3D Personal Program ever created: Not only it allows one to have his/her own 3D House, with the possibility of creating any number of Rooms, to design the entire room itself, and to furnish them with all sorts of items, it also brings the same limitless possibilities with one's own "actor/actress" (character), and with postures and facial expressions... Everything can be edited by the user! It would be absolutely impossible to describe all the possibilities, tools, and options that are available with this Moove Interface (the program itself). In addition to that, it offers interaction with others by 3D Visits. All that in a program that runs marvelously without any special graphic cards! Moove is simply incredible! *henry54* As I approch my first year here at moove I want to Thank everyone :) My experiences are high on my lifes memories list, from the wonderful friends, the skills I have learned and am still learning to the frustrations. When I joined moove I had no idea what to expect...WOW... was I ever surprised in such a possitive way, where else can someone meet people from all over the world, develop close friendships, create your own personal home, learn skills on a daily basis all while having fun!!! My Heart and Thanks to all, moove is indeed a magical place. Miss Electric I suppose the best thing i've found here on Moove is that it is so customizable it allows you full ability to express yourself, from your face/hair/eyes and eye colour/ clothes/postures but also things like your expressions and even your own home! I've been coming online to 3D avatar chats for quite a few years now but moove is by far the best. You get complete control and flexibility to just be you and have fun with it. It lets you meet and interact with so many different people from all over the world, and visit them in the blink of an eye, all from right there with ease and comfort in your own home. The range of items you can collect to customize yourself and your home is huge. It's safe, it's fun, it's suitable for families and it's just awesome in every way.... - 41k - Text Cache - Similar pages

More Satisfied Members
...FireKicker All of the people from all over the world! Madam Moove Moove has a special and unique form of community that is not seen in any other 3D chat, the kind, loving and helpful way all members welcome each other, and that is deffently my favorit part of Moove. as well as the social aspect in forming bonds from country to county. to have australia on the other side of the street, and italy, usa and egypt as neighbours.. and family. I love the fact that what I were taught once, I now can use to help others getting started. Moove will always remain my 3D home.... - 3k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Support answers
...or Vista or Windows 7: Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer (
A popup blocker ( or another software plugged into your browser could be the reason for the problems as well....
Click here ( to register a member club and here ( for technical information. If you are a club owner, please click on the club name on your nickpage to obtain status information.... - 45k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Please note: Program Code
...moove online doesn’t have servers for the 3D online world. All moove online servers are for web pages only....
Please read this help: Help Backup... - 4k - Text Cache - Similar pages

FAQ Group
...· They can start their own 3D online world very easily....
· The group starter decides which picture medals * are shown on the nickpages of group members - no help from moove is required for this. · The group starter can add subtitles for the picture medals as additional explanation - no help from moove is required for this.... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help for received files
...Help for received files...
· As a member of the moove online 3D world you can use actors, outfits and furniture. 3D objects are the ingredients and have to be installed on your own PC....
However Drag-and-drop Act actor files from the Windows Explorer or Zip to the floor of your house. (Your visitors can download the files from there, if you enabled copying by right clicking the floor and "Access control...", "Properties...".) After right clicking the 3D items please select "Import Actor".... - 8k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Get Started
...Help - Get Started...
Just in case you didn’t install the program moove Roomancer already, this is the description of the way to the moove online 3D world:...
· If this doesn’t help, please check if you are using a firewall (e.g. Norton) which is blocking ports used for download. In this case please unblock these ports for the download action.... - 18k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Download the moove online 3D world software
Download the moove online 3D world software To go 3D and talk to people, you need the software 'moove Roomancer'....
· 3D graphics card for Realistic Shadows, Reflective Surfaces and Adjustable Lighting... - 10k - Text Cache - Similar pages

The Virtual Community
...Keep your friends even closer by forming a team in your 3D chat world!...
Set up a business club or a private club in your own 3D chat world!...
Finding the right friends and a new love made easy, moove online will help you!... - 14k - Text Cache - Similar pages

...» I like the graphics, the rooms, the characters, the way you get to customize everything and i mean literally EVERYTHING makes it the best 3D chat clent on the net....
» I absolutely love what Moove has done here. I am very impressed... and hooked on it. The vast majority of the members here are very nice people. There is usually someone around more than willing to help, whether one is a newbie or a long-time member. Being able to create every aspect of my character is awesome. Even better, creating files so ther members can customize their characters is very rewarding. Things like that are what has me so addicted to this wonderful program, and are the reason I bring in so many new members. Even if they choose not to pay for memberships, at least they get the opportunity to see what a great experience it is to be in Moove....
» World Of The Month, Virtual Worlds Review... - 21k - Text Cache - Similar pages

The Community - Matchmaking in Your Online 3D Chat World
The Community - Matchmaking in Your Online 3D Chat World The Community - Matchmaking in moove online Virtual 3D World... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - FAQ moove online
...2. I just registered my free nickname, where can I find my free 3D house? 3. Can I use my 3D rooms when I'm offline??...
moove online is your first very own, freely customizable 3D world on your computer! This world only belongs to you. You have an unlimited number of 3D rooms that you can always create anew. You alone control access to these rooms and can maintain your privacy. You can easily paint your rooms, furnish them with usable furniture, and decorate them with your own pictures and graphics. Visit our free shop to download new items for your 3D rooms.... - 28k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Firewalls
3D Chat World - moove online - Help - Firewalls...
By using a router it is necessary to configurate the router too. A configuration help is on this page.... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Forming Teams
...Imagination and creativity are unlimited - use these wonderful expansion possiblities of your personal 3D world, made possible by forming teams.... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

What is moove online - Creating Own 3D Avatars & Decoration
What is moove online - Creating 3D Avatars & Decoration...
moove online 3D chat world is an ideal platform for especially creative members....
· special tools and programs for creating your own 3D avatars, postures, movements and... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

3D Chat 3D World Virtual World 3D Avatar Chat Game World moove o
...Free 3D Chat Virtual World @ You · Free 3D Avatars, Outfits, Furniture · Free Land and unlimited 3D Rooms... - 18k - Text Cache - Similar pages

...» 3D world with real-time avatar chat » Your own representative 3D home with maximum privacy » 3D decoration and avatar dress up fun... - 81k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Free Use of 3D Rooms, Decorations and Avatars
Free Use of 3D Rooms, Decorations and Avatars You will receive an unlimited number of 3D rooms for your 3D worlds. You can create a unique room every time! You can decorate your rooms with usable 3D furniture, own pictures, and graphics. Integrated editors offer you many possibilities to decorate your rooms according to your wishes. Paper your walls, install mirrors, change the lighting, place your furniture where you want it, lay carpets, set the access control... and even more features are available! With the help of the unique Actor Studio you can create your very own 3D actors (avatars). For this you have access to everything you can find in your wardrobe at home, and much more! The actors' gestures and movements are completely lifelike and natural - the actors can laugh, kiss, hug, shake hands, walk around, jump, pull faces and generally execute an unlimited number of interactions and actions. For especially creative members that want to create their own decorations, outfits and actors, moove offers the following: special tools and programs for creating own actors and decorations interactive tutorials Import Tool to import self-made 3D objects into the moove online 3D world...... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Brand Worlds Press Information
...Live Action: Camera, actors, scenes etc. have to be organised. 2D Animation: Single pictures have to be created by specialised artists. Computer Generated: 3D graphics specialists create 3D models that are animated....
Even graphical non-experts can create scenes and animations with the help of an expandable set of 3D objects. The human 3D representations and fantasy figures have a great number of specific and realistic patterns of behaviour, emotions, facial expressions and animated movements. Surfaces, shapes and movements – even human 3D representations – are easy to use. The created actors and scenes can always be used again. To guarantee quick and effective work the computer’s 3D graphics card is used to create graphics with all kinds of possible effects. The special thing about Brand Worlds Tools are the many possibilities for creating custom-made graphics and scripts for immediate use on websites and in Flash animations. The new Jobchart technology allows you to easily create the required format – even a finished web animation with and without Flash player....
Brand Worlds was founded in 1999 and is a subsidiary of moove. moove has been a specialist and technology leader in the field of graphical-authentic human 3D representation in cooperative 3D environment for more than 10 years: .... - 8k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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