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FAQ Bonus
1. What are bonus points?
New members who feel that a Gold Member or premium member has taken care of them and explained everything to them especially well, can give out bonus points to this "especially helpful member".
2. How are the bonus points given out?
During the registration of the Gold Membership, the new member has the chance to enter the name of an especially helpful member.
3. When will the bonus points be counted?
As soon as the new member buys a Gold Membership,... - 8k - Text Cache

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Community FAQ
FAQ moove
FAQ Premium Package
FAQ Bonus
Tutorial for creating outfit files for the Actor Studio
Tutorial for creating carpets and decorations in moove online... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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List of support answers
...If this doesn’t help, normally other programs are affected, too....
Please follow the Repair help step by step. If this should not solve the problem, please provide us the exact text of error messages. This is very important for us to help you.... - 44k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Support answers
...or Vista or Windows 7: Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer (
A popup blocker ( or another software plugged into your browser could be the reason for the problems as well....
Click here ( to register a member club and here ( for technical information. If you are a club owner, please click on the club name on your nickpage to obtain status information.... - 45k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - FAQ Premium/Teams
FAQ Premium/Teams FAQ Premium/Teams...
By buying the premium package, you will get a special trust bonus and receive a special status in the moove online community.... - 28k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Tipps & Tricks Menu
Community FAQ FAQ moove FAQ Premium Package... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Medals - Bonus
Bonus Medals New members can name any member (full members and premium members) as the most helpful member. If you are named as the most helpful member, you will receive so-called bonus points. The first time you are named, you will receive 30 bonus points and the bonus medal. For any further mention you will again receive 30 points each. Depending on your number of bonus points the medal's color will change - until you have 1400 bonus points and will receive the bonus medal with twelve diamonds. Especially helpful members will soon have this beautiful medal decorating their nickpages.... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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