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Original: Help - Community Features Overview
Community Features (can be found in the navigation bar to the left of the community page)
Contacting Other Members And Finding Friends
moove values protecting minors.
Members "under 18" - without confirmed adulthood - cannot visit members and club rooms that are only accessible to those "over 18". Adult members can confirm their age by clicking on the "under 18" link at the top of the community page, at their own risk. Please also note the moove Terms of Service about this.... - 11k - Text Cache

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Help - Basics Overview
...To enter the moove online community, you need to install the moove software "Roomancer" and register a nickname....
After that, the "Updater" will start the moove software "Roomancer". The "Updater" will check your current installation, check back with the moove server and then decide: If there a new features available you don't already have, they will be downloaded and installed automatically....
After clicking on "log in" in the login window, "Roomancer" will connect to the moove server - you will now get to see the moove online community page.... - 11k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Chatting Overview
You want to show your stylishly decorated house and beautiful actor to other users? On the community page - under "Visit & Chat" - you can find names of members who are online at that moment and visit them. But we will address this later under "Community Features". First, we'd like to show you how moove online gives you the chance to easily show emotions and moods with different actions, interactions, expressions and postures.... - 12k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Questions & Answers Overview
...Also see
If your router supports portforwarding, it's possible that it can be configured for moove online. For more information on this see
Yes! You can find a wide selection of adult actors in our shop "Over 18" on the community page. However, to access this shop, you need to confirm your age first, as described under "Community Features".... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

moove online Information, some moove online Features...
» moove online is the best way to meet new friends. It's the combination of rich community features with 3D world privacy, that makes moove online so special. You can express yourself on the community pages and in 3D. After finding a match on the community pages, you can decide, how far you go with any kind of social interaction while protecting your privacy. You can always decide between keeping it virtual and making it real. Have fun!...
» Help: Start... - 81k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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