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Help - Pictures, Music / Video clips & Web space

Hint: In your mails, Guestbook entries, your Free Profile, your Housepage, your Homepage, your Group and in your own 3D rooms you can easily use Pictures and video clips. For your nickpage you can upload your Picture, Club Picture, Picture medal and Portrait. By using Widgets all members can have Videos, Pictures and all kind of Applications for the nickpage.

Hint: You can also use Web space for other files of your Free Profile, housepage and your homepage - e.g. for furniture, actors and music.

Here you can read, how easily you can add pictures to your own or to visited rooms. By right clicking the room floor and using "Redecorate walls" you can automatically decorate your rooms' walls with pictures of the room directory (use the F2 key to explore the folder). :BMP and most :JPG are currently possible.

You may just ":Drag-and-drop" music files (like pictures and movies) into your rooms. This will generate a 3D item for the file. You can play the file just by right clicking the 3D item.

You can also use appliances like the multimedia center to play the files.

By right clicking the room floor and using "Access control...", "Properties..." you can allow visitors to :download the files of the 3D items or even :upload their own. Very useful for Web distribution!

You can also listen to music by loading Web pages with audio content. By right clicking 3D items you can create shortcuts to Web pages. Both you and your visitors can easily use these shortcuts!

The most common choice for background music are :midi files (*.mid), because they are small and load quickly. On this website you can find many links to sites containing midi files. Several :MP3 files can be found here at dmoz or here at Yahoo!. Especially for moove online members we recommend Music for moove from member *Cindy2*.
Here at dmoz you will find a list of Internet radio stations like My Radio or 202LIVE - get the code for your Free Profile here.

By broadcasting a Web page with the F4 key all visitors can enjoy together...
You may accept Web page broadcasts by enabling it in the moove Roomancer browser menu "Extras", "Options", "General".

Hint: To make pictures from your rooms just click into a room and press "Print Screen" on the keyboard.
Then start a painting program (e.g. Microsoft® Paint) and use "Edit", then "Paste".
More information: How to take a Screenshot

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