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Original: Help - Backup
You are probably aware of this problem: You use moove Roomancer and constantly keep adding new things that you created or imported.
Example: You want to create a backup of your moove Roomancer installation because you installed moove Roomancer on another computer and want to transfer the files from your previous installation to your new installation.
Room Backup in moove Roomancer
1. How do I create a backup of my moove Roomancer rooms?
1.1 How do I restore a backup... - 15k - Text Cache

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Help - Repair
...Help - Repair...
Please read about Backup of your Roomancer files, Windows System restore, if you have a Backup.... - 12k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Please note: ActiveX
...Or try: Windows System restore, if you have a Backup....
If this still doesn’t help, please click on... - 3k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help Links
...Help Links...
Help by *TheFirstWaya* Help by Jess1ee... - 8k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Designer Shops
...Help for received files...
3D Designer Help...
Backup Help - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Shop Search
...File help...
3D Designer Help...
Backup Help... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

List of support answers
...Or try Windows System restore, if you have a Backup....
If this doesn’t help, normally other programs are affected, too....
Please follow the Repair help step by step. If this should not solve the problem, please provide us the exact text of error messages.... - 44k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Support answers
...or Vista or Windows 7: Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer (
Or try Windows System restore (, if you have a Backup (
A popup blocker ( or another software plugged into your browser could be the reason for the problems as well.... - 45k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Please note: Program Code
...Please read this help: Help Backup... - 4k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Decorate Overview
...As already discussed under the help point "Basics", you can insert doors that lead to whatever room you want. To do this, you need to click on the "Room" symbol in the menu bar - as already known from inserting furniture - and then on "Doors". Here you can choose the door design you like best. Click on "OK" to open another window, called "Create a door". Here you will see a list of all rooms of your house. Click on a room name, and your new door will be linked to the room you chose. The door will appear in the room you are in at that moment. You can move the door - as already known from decorating with furniture - to the spot where you like it best. Just try it out: Double-click on the door and you will be transported to the linked room immediately!...
To save your newly decorated room, click on the "Room" symbol again. Choose "Backup" to save the room you are currently in. If necessary, you can restore the room by clicking on "Restore".... - 16k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Questions & Answers Overview
...Go on an expedition and have a look at "Extras". Under "Tools" you will find the familiar editors for expressions and postures and the tools for painting your room ("Room Painter") and creating a new room ("Room Creator"). But here you can also find the functions that allow you to save("Backup") and restore ("Restore") self-created postures, expressionsand mutations....
Also see
If your router supports portforwarding, it's possible that it can be configured for moove online. For more information on this see - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help for received files
...Help for received files...
Please read how to "restore" other members` posture, expression and room backup files to add to your own resources: Help - Backup, Help - Questions & Answers...
Use "Extras", "Tools" "Backup Postures" to generate a file with all of your postures.... - 8k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Get Started
...Help - Get Started...
· If this doesn’t help, please check if you are using a firewall (e.g. Norton) which is blocking ports used for download. In this case please unblock these ports for the download action....
If this doesn’t help, please do a Microsoft update for your Data Access Components (MDAC).... - 18k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - 3D Designer-Help
3D Designer-Help... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Tipps & Tricks Menu
...Editor-Help Housepage Info and Help - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - moovePack II
...ROOMS: if you would like to create a package of a pre-decorated room for example, you should first start Roomancer and make a backup of that room via the "File" menu in Roomancer. (*ATTENTION MOOVE ONLINE ROOMANCER USERS* If you do the backup while being in "mature mode" (moove online Roomancer), the room will only be available to moove online Roomancer users in mature mode, regardless of you checking the "for mature users" box in moovepack or not. So, if you would like your room package to be available for rose life members as well, you need to first log in using Roomancer without the "mature mode", create your room and then do the backup while still being in non-mature mode). You will find the backup of the room in a subfolder of rose\backup\, if you make a backup of the kitchen for example, you will find file "Kitchen.Roombackup" in folder rose\backup\MediumRoom_West\ (because the kitchen is based on MediumRoom_West). If you would like to create a package of the kitchen, you would now use moovepack to locate file "Kitchen.Roombackup" by clicking on the "Browse" button besides field "Backup File". Last not least put the name of the room ("Kitchen" in this example) in field "Room Name". You will not have to check box "Include ROM file" unless you built this room on a ROM file that was not installed by moove, but by a 3rd party.... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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