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FAQ Group

Gold members with the additional *premium* package can found a group.

· How can I start a group?

· Click on "Members", "Group" to the left hand side of the community.
· A window opens where you can set the properties of the group.
· A unique coded link for registration will be created.
· This link can be used for your own website, for example.
· How do members join the group?

· By using the unique registration link a new nickname is created - a group candidate. After getting the gold membership the nickname will be added automatically as a group member.
· How can a moove online gold member join the group?

· The member needs to be a Team member of the group starter.
· The link "Join Group" can be found under "Members", "Group".
· What are the benefits for group members?

· Within the first 14 days after registration they have the possibility to get the gold membership for only 29.70 / $.
· Group members can have additional picture medals and information on their nickpages, set by the group starter.
· Group members can participate in special group events.
· They can have access to an own group board.
· There is a special Group member search.
· Members of huge groups can prefer the own group.
· What are the benefits for the starter of a group?

· Group starters can offer benefits or even sponsor memberships on their websites.
· They can start their own 3D online world very easily.
· Even the press might be interested.
· Free promotion on the moove online community pages
· The connection to and among group members will be much stronger.
· The group founder can start own PR and marketing events.
· Possibility for group competitions and games
· The group founder is the administrator of the group.
· How many administrative rights does the group starter have?

· The group starter decides which picture medals * are shown on the nickpages of group members - no help from moove is required for this.
· The group starter can add subtitles for the picture medals as additional explanation - no help from moove is required for this.
· Also links can be created - e.g. to a common group website - to be shown on the nickpages of all group members.
· Music / Video clips can be played on nickpages, if there is no individual playing.
· New members can be welcomed - with picture, link and text.
· "New member alert" via e-mail
· Every member can get one or more of the group medals.
· An own group board can be placed onto the main community page of every group member.
· You can even hide the moove board for your members.
· You can exclude your group from charts and member search.
· Group mail sends a message to all group members.
· Up to date statistics about the group are available.
· Communication via Business and Diamond Clubs. Please get your diamond club here.
· Can other group members administrate the group as well?

· Yes - after submitting the administration page a password protected link will be created - to view and edit the registration data.
· Is there a limit on the amount of members?

· No, there is no limitation.
· Can I be a member of more than one group?

· Yes
· What is a cogroup?

· Cogroups are normal groups. Cogroup members cannot get individual treatment from the related group admin, e.g. they cannot get individual group medals beside of the group logo.
· Is it possible to leave a group?

· The "Leave group" link can be found under "Members", "Group" to the left of the community page.
· Is it possible to for non-moove online members to start a group?

· Yes please contact for more information about this.
· Do you know somebody who might be interested in starting a group?
· We are prepared to enable sponsorship for the gold membership, groups and clubs. For example:

· Tourism industry (contacts to / between the customers before / while / after the ride)
· Pharmacy industry (for people with chronical diseases in need of constant medical support)
· Customer relation programs
· All sort of external clubs and communities

*The pictures & videos can be stored on a server of the group starter.

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