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Info - Buddies

Buddies are members you are especially interested in.
Their online status here will be shown to you - depending on their Profile and Privacy settings.
Related to the number of Gold Members you are buddy at, you get a "popular" medal.
As soon as a member receives a Gold Membership, all members already being buddied get popularity points.
By using "Buddies" or the button at the nickpage you can declare a buddy.
Please note: You can show interest by buddy declaration but this can be received as offending, if the member doesnít know you yet.

You can ignore members you donít want to contact you. Other related nicknames of that person are affected, too. Before entering a club, we suggest opening the Club Information to check for ignored visitors.

As long as the buddy declaration is not made on both sides ("Double buddy") you have a "Single buddy" and you are a "Lonely buddy" for the other member.
In your Profile and Privacy you can decide if friendships (double buddies) are visible to others.
The strongest relationship here is the marriage:
Ring medals and information about the ceremony of your wedding can be added to your nickpage.
You can now add, edit or remove your own rings and information:
Just click the Relation button at the bottom of your partner's nickpage.

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