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Designer Tutorial - Furniture

How to create furniture for moove online Roomancer

The easiest way to create a new item is to modify an existing one.
Please note: Don't modify moove resources directly. Instead make a copy and add your designer abbreviation / tag / label to the name. Submit the label at shop search to check, if it is already in use by another designer. The following examples are always using "My". Please replace it with your own label. When you create your own shop, you will get package and distribution hints.
Please pay attention to Copyright, e.g. you may not use resources from other designers unless it is explicitly allowed.

Tools and documentation can be found in our Shop under Developer, in the Community menu section Designer and in moove Roomancer "Extras", "Developer Tools".

Furniture is different in Roomancer compared to Decorations. Furniture can be a combination of several components and may have functionality. moove offers endless possibilities to combine 3D shapes, usage and content. Examples: Opening of a web page by using a 3D object

By creating your own furniture you can associate a special web page, e.g. the dialog on creating the furniture can be omitted. Instead of the „Counter“ you can of course use any kind of 3D shape. To accomplish this, just import standard 3D models, created with standard 3D modeler software. The moove tool Imp3DS creates moove SRF files from :3ds Max model files: *.3DS -> *.SRF Please have a look at 3D Resources for more information on 3D models and :Texture mapping. You can give away furniture as part of a full decorated room, too. Complete rooms can be offered on web pages - the same way as the counter. Example:
This is a web page offering the room: Housepage.

Furnitue can start any action on the own PC or remote on visited houses and visitors. The dialogs to decorate the house are implemented in DOORS for example. All programs can be started on furniture usage, too.
Furniture is created by a script, written in the moove programming language DOORS (Dynamic Object Oriented Runtime System). These scripts are delivered as source code with every Roomancer. They are in the \moove\Doors folder and have the extension .uni (Universe, universal language). In this folder you will find the file System_Furniture.uni, which contains moove furniture scripts. System.uni contains supplementing functions. Please copy System_Furniture.uni to moove\MyDoors\furn.txt. Please open the file by right click and choose :WordPad for instance as editor. When planning a new item, we always check, which existing items comes closest to our imagination.

Congratulations, you are a furniture designer and DOORS programmer now!

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