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Designer Tutorial - Actors

How to convert and create actors for Roomancer

The easiest way to create a new item is to modify an existing one.
Please note: Don't modify moove resources directly. Instead make a copy and add your designer abbreviation / tag / label to the name. Submit the label at shop search to check, if it is already in use by another designer. The following examples are always using "My". Please replace it with your own label. When you create your own shop, you will get package and distribution hints.
Please pay attention to Copyright, e.g. you may not use resources from other designers unless it is explicitly allowed.

Tools and documentation can be found in our Shop under Developer, in the Community menu section Designer and in moove Roomancer "Extras", "Developer Tools".

Roomancer users can select ready made actors and combine in the actor studio. Designers can create actors and components for the actor studio to add to those lists. We will show you how to reuse resources and to create new ones.

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