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Original: Comparison of Memberships in Your Virtual 3D World
Comparison of Memberships in Your Virtual 3D World
Keep your privacy - use offline - customize freely and individually!
Features of Your moove online 3D Chat World Basic Membership* Gold Membership*
Free Download of 3D Chat Software 'Roomancer' more Info Offline Use of 3D Chat Software 'Roomancer' more Info
Free Use of 3D Rooms, Decorations and 3D Avatars more Info Free Use of online 3D Chat World Shop more Info
Send and Receive Mails in online 3D World for Free more Info Free... - 15k - Text Cache

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...CarlDompierre Moove's Interface is the greatest 3D Personal Program ever created: Not only it allows one to have his/her own 3D House, with the possibility of creating any number of Rooms, to design the entire room itself, and to furnish them with all sorts of items, it also brings the same limitless possibilities with one's own "actor/actress" (character), and with postures and facial expressions... Everything can be edited by the user! It would be absolutely impossible to describe all the possibilities, tools, and options that are available with this Moove Interface (the program itself). In addition to that, it offers interaction with others by 3D Visits. All that in a program that runs marvelously without any special graphic cards! Moove is simply incredible! *henry54* As I approch my first year here at moove I want to Thank everyone :) My experiences are high on my lifes memories list, from the wonderful friends, the skills I have learned and am still learning to the frustrations. When I joined moove I had no idea what to expect...WOW... was I ever surprised in such a possitive way, where else can someone meet people from all over the world, develop close friendships, create your own personal home, learn skills on a daily basis all while having fun!!! My Heart and Thanks to all, moove is indeed a magical place. Miss Electric I suppose the best thing i've found here on Moove is that it is so customizable it allows you full ability to express yourself, from your face/hair/eyes and eye colour/ clothes/postures but also things like your expressions and even your own home! I've been coming online to 3D avatar chats for quite a few years now but moove is by far the best. You get complete control and flexibility to just be you and have fun with it. It lets you meet and interact with so many different people from all over the world, and visit them in the blink of an eye, all from right there with ease and comfort in your own home. The range of items you can collect to customize yourself and your home is huge. It's safe, it's fun, it's suitable for families and it's just awesome in every way.... - 42k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Premium Package/Gold Membership
Comparison Premium Package/Gold Membership...
Features (Please click here for a comparison of the Gold Membership to the free Membership)... - 15k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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