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Original: moove Board rules
moove Board Rules
moove Board rules
Rules in addition to the moove online Terms of Service.
To make the use of the moove Board more pleasant, special moove Board rules were created. Unfortunately, these rules are necessary and need to be followed by all moove Board users. We'd like to ask all users to comply with these rules, also in their own interest. Repeated violation of the moove Board rules might result in a ban from the moove Board!
Making Posts
When posting a reply and/or... - 9k - Text Cache

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C@ndi's Treats
...Anyone interested in donateing their time and fun for this please contact me but rose mail or email...I'll be posting on the board for updates.. the Men and female pictures will be posting on alink from my site....and the bidding will begin....all the money except 20% will go the contestants.. and anyone is welcome to participate...Nothing will be done without your OK ") remember this is date not a slave no floors unless You choose too lolol the date of when this is held depends on the partication ... I figure in early sept some time..Hugs everyone call me for details.. Its for Men and ladies:)...
CHARADES GAME lets get back on this board and have fun!!!!!!! Ok everyone get your thinking caps on. We want to get people invovled in the board again. We are going to start a game of team charades.... - 21k - Text Cache - Similar pages

FAQ Group
...· They can have access to an own group board....
· An own group board can be placed onto the main community page of every group member. · You can even hide the moove board for your members.... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Questions & Answers Overview
...A couple of very important settings for moove online can be found under "Options". Have a look at everything and don't hesitate to ask questions at our support board.... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Best of - Relation Anniversary
...Love Board... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Links for Designer
...Designer Board... - 11k - Text Cache - Similar pages

...Designer Board... - 3k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Designer Shops
...Designer Board... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Satisfied Members
...Madori Shepherd It's my world and I can have it anyway I choose! I found moove to be a wonderful place to meet people, chat and just enjoy life. I hope everyone else can have the same reality I have found in the fanasty land of Moove. Moove allowed me to be myself in every aspect from my personal avitar to decorating my home. I have experiened wonderful encounter's with people from around the world, which never would have happened otherwise. No regrets what-so-ever for coming on board the moove site.... - 42k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Shop Search
...Hint: Use the Shop Search Box on top of the main community page. Search Designer pages for keywords in external designer websites. Designer Board Search looks through announcements of designing members. Consider the Board. The Crystal Angel Search Engine is much recommended....
Designer Board... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Advertisement
...Nickname Video Board...
Nickname nck Video+Board... - 10k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Terms of Service
...You oblige not to post, offer, or make otherwise accessible, any material that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful, racially objectionable, or otherwise unlawful in moove online, including, but not limited to, your personal profile page and websites, artwork, and documents displayed in your room. You also oblige not to behave in any way that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful, racially objectionable, or otherwise unlawful in moove online. This also includes mentioning and spreading personal information, log files, including real names and "nicknames" of other members, on personal profile pages and linked websites (moove board). On request of the members mentioned on personal profile pages and linked websites, their nicknames, real names, nicknames before change, house names, e-mail-addresses, web links, and/or any other personal information have to be removed immediately. Furthermore, you are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use copyrighted work (art, literature, music, software, and other intellectual property) in moove online if the copyright is not held by any person involved. You are not allowed to advertise on nickpages and/or the moove board. You must not violate any local, state, national, or international law or regulation. If you allow another person to use your access to moove online, you hold the sole and complete responsibility for their actions conducted in your account. Orders by moove system administrators need to be followed.... - 17k - Text Cache - Similar pages

The Virtual Community
...Marketplace & Message Board...
Use the large internal announcement area and the moove online message board.... - 14k - Text Cache - Similar pages

The Community - Virtual 3D Chat Marketplace & Message Board!
The Community - Virtual 3D Marketplace & Message Board Virtual Marketplace & Message Board...
· Use the moove Message Board to exchange thoughts and feelings with other members...... - 10k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Scout Clubs
...Scouts must at all times behave in a socially acceptable manner. moove will never be held responsible for the behavior of scouts. Scouts are able to answer support requests by users. They have to reply properly and politely. And also keep in mind that the support board is not meant for private messages.... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

3D Chat 3D World Virtual World 3D Avatar Chat Game World moove o
...Board Search...
3D Designer Board... - 18k - Text Cache - Similar pages

medals - Married
...Even marriage is possible in moove online! Married couples can have the wedding ring medal displayed on their nickpage. Wedding announcements can be posted on the moove board and on this site.... - 3k - Text Cache - Similar pages

...» Partner Info in Love Board... - 81k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Comparison of Memberships in Your Virtual 3D World
...Visiting Member's 3D Rooms and Virtual Clubs more Info Use of the Internal 3D Chat World Message Board more Info... - 15k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Use Of The Internal Community Message Board
Use Of The Internal Community Message Board moove offers full members an internal message board for the exchange of thoughts and feelings. Free members are not allowed to use this board.... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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