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Original: Help - Router Configuration - UPnP
Router Configuration - UPnP
Router Configuration - UPnP
If you have on your computer the operating system Windows ME or Windows XP and your router supports Microsoft's UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)and it's enabled in the router configuration, then with help of a script file you can configure your router with one click, that the moove ports will be forwarded automatically (port forwarding) and moove Roomancer is not in web mode anymore, as long as the moove Roomancer ports won't... - 6k - Text Cache

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Help - Router Configuration I
Help - Router Configuration I Router Configuration for moove online: To configure your router for the moove online software "Roomancer", your soft- or hardware router needs to support portforwarding.... - 106k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Info - Online status - Web mode
...If you are in Web mode and can't have visitors, you can usually solve this by forwarding ports in your router. Please search for your router model. If you find your router model, everything should be easy. Just follow the pictures. If you need extra help feel free to send us your router model, usually name & number. More information:...
· A router logs into the Internet and owns your IP. You have to adjust the router in order to lead connections from the router to your PC, even when there is only one PC. If the UPnP Script does not run on your system, please setup your router manually:... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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