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Original: Help - Member Club
Member Clubs
Many moove online members with Premium Package or annual Gold Membership can open Member Club rooms about a specific topic. They offer their clubs for visits, nice chats and of course for finding information about the displayed theme.
There are numerous themes available, mainly about the owner's hobby and general interest. Often theme club owners engage socially and are happy when they can help the user with information about the theme.
Members with Gold Membership... - 5k - Text Cache

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Help - Pictures, Music / Video clips & Web space
...Help - Pictures, Music / Video clips & Web space Hint: In your mails, Guestbook entries, your Free Profile, your Housepage, your Homepage, your Group and in your own 3D rooms you can easily use Pictures and video clips. For your nickpage you can upload your Picture, Club Picture, Picture medal and Portrait. By using Widgets all members can have Videos, Pictures and all kind of Applications for the nickpage....
The most common choice for background music are midi files (*.mid), because they are small and load quickly. On this website you can find many links to sites containing midi files. Several MP3 files can be found here at dmoz or here at Yahoo!. Especially for moove online members we recommend Music for moove from member *Cindy2*.... - 11k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Best of - Members on moove pages
...Please click on a nickname for the nickpage. Colors indicate the member is online or you can even visit. Rank Age Lng Pic Member House City...
39 37 G *Krulla-vom-Olymp* Club Hellas Xenohori... - 13k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Best of - *Premium* Teams
...*-~Club Exotica~-*...
*club mant*...
*Lady's Country Club*... - 10k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Satisfied Members
...Member Satisfied by...
Accola It is amazing how this proves to be the best program the internet can offer! The options here are unique and the freedom one has as a member to be whatever one wishes to be. Here is where one's imagination materializes virtually, and provides a satisfaction that no other online project can offer!...
Miss Violet Moove is a great 3D program . I started to enjoy it as soon as I walked inside my very own 3D Home . Ive made many friends from many different places . Cant live without it now . Just a Satisfied member. Miss Violet House of Bloom... - 42k - Text Cache - Similar pages

List of support answers
...Every member can name the personal most helpful member....
Club Click here to register a member club and here for technical information. If you are a club owner, please click on the club name on your nickpage to obtain status information.... - 44k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Support answers
...Dear *Premium* member,...
or Vista or Windows 7: Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer (
A popup blocker ( or another software plugged into your browser could be the reason for the problems as well.... - 45k - Text Cache - Similar pages

FAQ Group
...· By using the unique registration link a new nickname is created - a group candidate. After getting the gold membership the nickname will be added automatically as a group member. · How can a moove online gold member join the group? · The member needs to be a Team member of the group starter.... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Community Features Menu
Contacting Other Members And Finding Friends
Mail, SMS, ICQ, E-Mail Account
Edit Profile
Shop and Shop "Over 18"
... - 3k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - moove Pictures
...Help - moove Pictures...
You can use moove pictures for your moove pages. E.g. your own uploaded picture, your Club Picture, as a member with *Premium* package your Portrait and Picture medal, too. You can also embed pictures from the moove Shop and other moove pages, e.g.: - 10k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Info - Login
...Alternatively, register a new member after clicking "Online Status & Logout" and "Logout"....
You can share moove Roomancer with other members - even on the same computer. Additionally the same nickname can have houses on several computers. Every member has its own protected house....
Help Links... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

The Virtual Community
...Set up a business club or a private club in your own 3D chat world! Open a club and other members will be able to easily find you!...
Finding the right friends and a new love made easy, moove online will help you!... - 14k - Text Cache - Similar pages

...» I absolutely love what Moove has done here. I am very impressed... and hooked on it. The vast majority of the members here are very nice people. There is usually someone around more than willing to help, whether one is a newbie or a long-time member. Being able to create every aspect of my character is awesome. Even better, creating files so ther members can customize their characters is very rewarding. Things like that are what has me so addicted to this wonderful program, and are the reason I bring in so many new members. Even if they choose not to pay for memberships, at least they get the opportunity to see what a great experience it is to be in Moove....
» "Today's pick: moove Online 2.0. The extra O is for extra online! moove joins the ranks of [...] avatar-populated virtual worlds [...] with an entire virtual... world? planet? dimension?... dedicated to the fine art of hanging out. moove boasts plenty of customizability, including a great deal of control over your avatar's actions, and lots of options for decorating your own little home inside the PC. It's all based on peer-to-peer technology, so there are no monitors lurking about, though there is a matchmaking service to help you find like-minded pals."...
» "I am new here and I wanted to say this is an incredible community, I have chatted many places, but [moove online] is the ultimate! Everyone here is so nice and helpful, something you don't find in most chat communities. [...] I am so happy to be a member of such a wonderful community! I look forward to meeting and making new friends, and I had to say thank you for providing such a wonderful service."... - 21k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - FAQ Community
moove online - Help - FAQ Community...
You have complete control of your 3D world, you can use the free shop, decorate your 3D house, create new 3D actors, make new friends, and much more - completely for free! Also, you can receive visitors in your 3D home. With the free membership you will be able to visit other members during your first online sessions. You need the Gold Membership if you want to use the visit function without restrictions. Note: The Newbie Club and Diamond Clubs can be visited at any time....
With the Gold Membership you can use your 3D world without restrictions: Invite visitors to your 3D home or go over to the 3D home of a buddy, list a member club, collect medals, post an announcement, marry virtually and much more.... - 19k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Community Features Overview
...Members "under 18" - without confirmed adulthood - cannot visit members and club rooms that are only accessible to those "over 18". Adult members can confirm their age by clicking on the "under 18" link at the top of the community page, at their own risk. Please also note the moove Terms of Service about this....
Furthermore, the age, gender and language is displayed: You only need to click on a nickname under "member" to see different community function that allow you to contact the member: you can send an Instant Message or a Message, open the member's nickpage or visit them directly. You can also click on the house name under "House" to visit the member....
Many useful community features can be found in the navigation bar to the left on the community page. Among these is the mail function. Click on "Mail" - your mail window will open. Here you can write mails and send them as moove mails within the community or additionally to the recipient's e-mail-address. You can also send the mail as a message to the recipient's ICQ number or cell phone. In these cases, the "not visible" information from the respective member will be used. This information is never shown to the sender, though, so that the numbers or e-mail-addresses won't be misused.... - 11k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - TOS Public Clubs
Terms Of Usage For Public Clubs/Rooms Provided By moove
General terms
At the time being, moove provides the moove online members with moove-owned rooms - so called "public clubs/rooms" - that are free of charge and meant for meeting and chatting.
... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Business Club
...Business Club rooms are kept by Premium Package owners and members with annual Gold Membership who use moove online for business purposes. Business Clubs can be visited by paying members only....
Club rooms are listed in the community navigation bar to the left. Clicking on the name of the respective club will take you to the relevant club room....
If you are interested in opening a Diamond Club: Please click here... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - FAQ moove online
...9. What are the fees for becoming a Gold Member in moove online?...
Note: The Newbie Club can be visited at any time. (When the club is online.)...
With the Gold Membership you can use your 3D world without restrictions: Invite visitors to your 3D home or go over to the 3D home of a buddy, list a member club, collect medals, post an announcement, marry virtually and much more.... - 28k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Club Room
Club Room Club Room...
In the moove Roomancer browser you need to call the room, that will be used as a business/member room Club... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Housepage Help
Housepage Help Many members know this problem: You use many pieces of furniture, decorative items, outfits, etc. that you created yourself or downloaded from member homepages. The visitors cannot see these items if they don't have them on their computers....
This page is shown to the visitor before every visit to the club.... - 12k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Housepage - Robbie's Housepage
...Members should feel comfortable in my club, that's why I have this beautiful arm chair in my room. I'm also wearing this pretty outfit. Please download both items so you can immediately see me and my room....
To download and install automatically, just click on the pictures. As soon as the download is finished, visit me by clicking on "Club" in the window "Robbie's Comfy Club"! - 3k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Premium Package/Gold Membership
...Signing up for business and member clubs Forming member teams...
Multi-Instant-Messaging - sending instant messages to more than one member at the same time... - 15k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Scout Clubs
...Scouts are particularly committed moove online members that want to help other members find their way around moove online. They listen to other members and help at any time. If members have bigger problems, a scout will redirect them to the respective moove departments: Questions about the community and the payment system to or to moove direct and point to the moove help pages, also ( In case of technical problems they shall redirect questions to A scout should be familiar with moove, interested in helping newbies, at least 14 years old, a member for more than eight weeks.The scout starts off with the bronze scout medal and receives an initial number of 50 points.... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Forming Teams
...Form your own virtual sports club!...
Click here to find out how to become a team member or form a team yourself... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Trading
...please copy the link to your moove homepage, housepage, website or link a picture in your club room- next to the description of your service...
After clicking on a "sales link" on the homepage/housepage or picture of a member, you will get to see the window below...
the amount of 100 C$ will then be transferred automatically from your moove Community Dollar account to the other member's Community Dollar account... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

3D Chat 3D World Virtual World 3D Avatar Chat Game World moove o
...Just click a name on the member list sorted by your interests and you are coming together instantly. Chatting, laughing, kissing, hugging, lifelike movements. Exchange files, show your own pictures, marry virtually. Use cam and voice to get to know your chat partner even better. Find friends from all over the world and fall in love - "Anything goes"....
Member Videos...
Member Magazine... - 18k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Medals - Member Club
Member Club...
There are numerous themes available, mainly about the owner's hobby and general interest. Often theme club owners engage socially and are happy when they can help the user with information about the theme. Member club rooms are listed in the navigation bar to the left. Clicking on the club name will take you to the relevant room.... - 4k - Text Cache - Similar pages

...» Help: Start » Help: Repair » Web Mode Help: Open your House for Visitors... - 81k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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