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Original: Help - moovePack Tool
Tutorial For Packing Outfit Files With The moovePack Tool, Enabling Automatic Installation After The Download
The moovePack tool allows you to easily offer your self-made actors, furniture, outfits, and decorations to other members.
This tool automatically packs all necessary files into an MPZ package, which can be easily embedded into your website. Your site's visitors will be able to download and install this file with just one click.
Please read the general notices... - 14k - Text Cache

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Help - Conversion of Old Actors
...Of course you can also offer your converted actor for download on your website. Just pack it with the moovePack tool so it can be downloaded and installed automatically. Your visitors will thank you. :)... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

...» Help: Start » Help: Repair » Web Mode Help: Open your House for Visitors... - 81k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help for received files
...Help for received files...
Please read how to "restore" other members` posture, expression and room backup files to add to your own resources: Help - Backup, Help - Questions & Answers...
Help for files in rooms... - 8k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Shop - Developer Tools for Decorations & Outfits
...Actor Resources Export Tool Tool for exporting Non-Actor Studio Actor Resources Please click here to...
The moovePack tool automatically packs all necessary files into an MPZ file.... - 13k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - 3D Designer-Help
3D Designer-Help...
Tutorial for packing outfit files with the moovePack tool... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Tipps & Tricks Menu
...Tutorial for packing outfit files with the moovePack tool...
Editor-Help Housepage Info and Help - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - moovePack II
...General Notices And Instructions For Packing Other Files With The moovePack Tool....
USAGE: A package is created by going to top menu "File" -> "Create Pack". The package name needs to end in extension .MPZ....
pick an extension like .MP (not MPZ, that you should only use for create pack!) when chosing a file name to save... - 9k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - PopUp-Blocker
...Click here if you use Windows XP with Service Pack 2 and Internet Explorer as default web browser....
Click here if you also use a google bar, alexa or other tool bars....
Windows XP (Service Pack 2) and Internet Explorer... - 5k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Creating Outfits
...Offering the file for download: The outfit file is already pre-packed; nevertheless it is recommended to process it with the moovepack tool into a mpz.file. This will enable the outfit to be downloaded automatically: it will be immediately available for use in the Actor Studio. You can download the moovepack.exe in the shop. Please contact if you wish to use the digital signature feature to sign your work. In this case we need a personal ID (e.g. a copy of your driver's licence, etc....
In this example we use five different colorable areas. These areas can be painted with the help of the coloring panel in the Actor Studio later on. As you can see, our example does not have 50% or 100% transparent areas. By way of the following graphic we will demonstrate the composition of an MMG file.... - 23k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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