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Business Clubs & Diamond Clubs
Diamond Clubs are kept by Gold members who use moove online to find business contacts, to advise people, or to sell goods directly. Diamond Clubs can be visited by paying and by free members as well.
Business Club rooms are kept by Premium Package owners and members with annual Gold Membership who use moove online for business purposes. Business Clubs can be visited by paying members only.
There are numerous business offers available - e.... - 5k - Text Cache

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Satisfied Members
...Vonne I have designed personal and commercial websites for others for over 11 years. I enjoy my work so much, that I often go weeks without missing a day on my html editor. Since I discovered Moove, I have not touched my desuigns waiting to be completed. I am only beginning to realize what the possibilities for webpage designing are here at Moove. From joining till currently, I have enjoyed the feeling of unlimited money to decorate as many rooms in any way I can imagine. Not to mention unlimited clothing etc. I thought I stopped playing dress up years ago, but actually it has been very entertaining. I have met many nice people and have enjoyed the conversations and help. Until now, I had only been in 1 chat room about 6 years ago and never used one again. Moove is different from traditional chat rooms where it is a more personal environment. The realistic feeling of Moove has shocked me. I have told all of my friends about moove and 2 have joined. I am planning to stay here for a while. Thank you for this experience....
Ryot I like the interaction of charactors and the use of items, the customization of the rooms and the 3d interactivity, there are many new people here and I was unwilling to try this two years ago. But after I took the time to get used to the way things work, my learning expirence is getting better I just started using Moove again and I prefer it over many of the other chats that I have used in the past, including VPchat I actions here are more then ever, but it can be quite confusing at first I learned on my own for the most part, on how to use Moove and the help files were excellent, There is a different but better quality of people here I found out once I learned how to let others visit me. I am still exploring the workings of Moove and I look forward to what I can learn. There is always something new it seems and different ways of doing thing. I thank all the people who I am getting to know and for the help they have given me freely...
Stef@n The best thing i like about moove is that you can make an virual image online about what your life is all about. You can be who you wanna be , a club owner or just some one who is home only in the weekends. The best program i have ever used, and it were a lot.... - 42k - Text Cache - Similar pages

List of support answers
...Club Click here to register a member club and here for technical information. If you are a club owner, please click on the club name on your nickpage to obtain status information....
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Support answers
...or Vista or Windows 7: Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer (
A popup blocker ( or another software plugged into your browser could be the reason for the problems as well....
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FAQ Group
...· The group starter decides which picture medals * are shown on the nickpages of group members - no help from moove is required for this. · The group starter can add subtitles for the picture medals as additional explanation - no help from moove is required for this....
· Communication via Business and Diamond Clubs. Please get your diamond club here.... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

The Virtual Community
...Set up a business club or a private club in your own 3D chat world! Open a club and other members will be able to easily find you!...
Finding the right friends and a new love made easy, moove online will help you!... - 14k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Premium Package/Gold Membership
...Signing up for business and member clubs... - 15k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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...Your 3D Business...
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