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Original: Help - Designer Dollar
Shop search for MPZ files
As provider of MPZ files, you can automatically receive community dollars when the members access your files by way of the "shop search".
To use this function, you only need insert a certain JavaScript code into your pages.
For downloading MPZs you need to use the JavaScript function "moodl":
Please note the following rules for executing moodl():
1) The parameter <sFile> needs to contain the complete web address of the MPZ file - but without "http://"... - 6k - Text Cache

Similar: Shop - Developer Tools for Decorations & Outfits
Description Download Tutorial Extras
Creating Your Own Decorations
The DecoMaker allows you to easily create decorations for your house. Please click here for a detailed tutorial
Creating Your Own Outfits
Creates the MMG that allows you to create clothing that can be colored in the Actor Studio. Please click here for a detailed tutorial Please click here to download ready made outfits to use as a starting point for own work
Actor Resources Export Tool
Tool for exporting Non-Actor... - 13k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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...» Help: Start » Help: Repair » Web Mode Help: Open your House for Visitors... - 81k - Text Cache - Similar pages

My Advertisement
...Help - Advertisement... - 12k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Designer Shops
...Designer Shops Brand Worlds Tools 3D designer DOORS programmer Tool programmer Help for received files... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

List of support answers
...If this doesn’t help, normally other programs are affected, too....
Please follow the Repair help step by step. If this should not solve the problem, please provide us the exact text of error messages. This is very important for us to help you.... - 44k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Support answers
...or Vista or Windows 7: Reinstall or repair Internet Explorer (
A popup blocker ( or another software plugged into your browser could be the reason for the problems as well....
Click here ( to register a member club and here ( for technical information. If you are a club owner, please click on the club name on your nickpage to obtain status information.... - 45k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Reduce moove online fee
...Every gold member can name the most valuable designer. Not only 3D designers can sell their creations.... - 8k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Recommendations for membership
...Help - Recommendations for membership...
Every gold member can name the most valuable designer. Not only 3D designers can sell their creations.... - 8k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Trading
...if visitors click on the link and agree to buy the offered service, the amount of 100 C$ will be transfered autmatically to your moove online Community Dollar account...
the amount of 100 C$ will then be transferred automatically from your moove Community Dollar account to the other member's Community Dollar account...
Your Community Dollar account will then look like this:... - 7k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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