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CarlDompierre Moove's Interface is the greatest 3D Personal Program ever created: Not only it allows one to have his/her own 3D House, with the possibility of creating any number of Rooms, to design the entire room itself, and to furnish them with all sorts of items,... - 42k - Text Cache

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Madam Moove Moove has a special and unique form of community that is not seen in any other 3D chat, the kind, loving and helpful way all members welcome each other, and that is deffently my favorit part of Moove. as well as the social aspect in forming bonds from country to county. to have australia on the other side of the street, and italy, usa and egypt as neighbours.. and family. I love the fact that what I were taught once, I now can use to help others getting started. Moove will always remain my 3D home.... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

Help - Dress Up Overview
...In the window "Available types of items" you can choose a category, and in the window above you will get to see a list of clothing items from which you can pick one. The chosen item will be displayed on the "preview actor". Now you can also choose the color you like. If you are satisfied, click on "Accept". Now the actor in the window to the left will wear the item you chose. Dress up your actor down to the shoes - what other program offers you possibilities like this?... - 6k - Text Cache - Similar pages

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