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Cindy's Moove Fashion

Started by *Cindy2*

» NEW! New spring/summer outfits

I have made new outfits dresses-sets-and unisex T-shirts
And because i was running out of space on my websites i made another new website.

And of course all these outfits you can also find in my moove shop.
And my other websites are still there :

Have fun and greets *cindy2*

» New dresses

New dresses with matching shoes/slides or boots in my moove shop or website:

Greets and have fun Cindy2

» New weddingdresses

I have add new weddingdresses on my website
and mooveshop and also new sets dress/casquette/boots
I have used the srf files form andrea sweetgirl for the cool casquette and boots thank you again andrea for
letting use us your great designs .
As Andrea said on her website the casquettes are made for the CSZ_Dean_hair (candy sinz) that you can buy on her website.

» All kind of female outfits

I sell all kind of female outfits like long and short dresses, pants, sets, boots, shoes, bikinis and gowns .
All direct downable from my moove shop *cindy2* or my websites

» Music Website

I also have a website with music for nickpages or websites with lots of songs and i make them also on request useable for nickpages

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