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Other view of my Profile

Profile from another point of view

Have you ever wondered what your nickpage looks like to other members? Which information that you entered, for example during registration, is visible to others?

Here you can still your curiosity.
Open your own nickpage, click on "Other view of my Profile" and enter the name of a member and decide how you want to view your profile from the other member's point of view:


What kind of extra information about me is available to a premium member?

What kind of information do I receive when I want to view my nickpage while logged out?

What does my nickpage look like to a non-English-speaking member?

By the way: This function not only simulates the look of your nickpage from another member's view, it will also notify you in the chat window that someone has read your nickpage! Please don't be surprised - of course this is only your own viewing of your nickpage.

It's fun to have a look at your nickpage through someone else's eyes. Just give it a try!

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