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Help - moove online fees

Hint: You can fast and easily get, extend and give away a Gold Membership for C$ with bought C$.

If you donít want to use the offered instant online activation methods, just choose your personal payment method.

Please note: This way you can only pay for a year without subscription discounts. There is no subscription, if you pay by money transfer. Therefore you cannot get the offered discounts.

Pay the one year fee (59.70 Ä - thatís only 4.97 Ä a month - a real bargain) individually by

· Account: moove Bongartz-Dr.Kozan GbR
IBAN: DE02 3705 0198 0054 5621 03
Bank: Sparkasse KölnBonn
Bank code number: 37050198
Account Number: 54562103

It is very important that you add the following information:
Purpose: <Nickname>
Purpose: Fee

Please note: If you use money transfer it can take several days before we receive the payment. After the payment has arrived at our account, nickname <Nickname> will receive the gold membership as soon as possible.

moove Bongartz-Dr.Kozan GbR
Address: Lothar Bongartz, 11A Norwood Road, Bayswater, Auckland 0622, New Zealand

Please contact, if you need further information.

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