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Help - Advertisement

With moove online you have the opportunity to advertise at a creative and engaged audience. These are your advantages:

· Big Banner at the best page position - please have a look at the advertisement on top of this page for example.
· Exact targeting; access by search engines etc. is not counted.
· Banner and web page can be personalized for individual design and analysis.
· Organize your campaigns yourself easily - full control by you
· A real bargain for personalized marketing - starting at 0.70 / $ (70 Cent) with bought C$
· Hint: Use this extreme low introduction offer to reserve your order!
· Instant list of members having clicked your ad
· Read more in Crystal Angel Fashion and Design Magazine

Please note: You warrant that your advertisement and website comply with the moove Terms of Service and all applicable laws. moove reserves the right to reject any ad.

Hint: Click here to buy C$.

Advertising messages should not fade away, but connect with prospective customers. Advertisement with moove bundles up and reaches the desired target group at the right time. Beyond that an automatic feedback is made possible. User data - as far as made public by the user - permit individual address and evaluation. In addition moove enables you to easily integrate user data directly in the advertising banners. Variable place holders are embedded between the symbols {$ and }.

Text Variables within the Banner let the data of the viewer flow in. Just play around without any obligations and insert, for instance, the following line in the banner text:

Link Variables in Banner Links and in Web page Links permit individual control of banners and clicked web pages. They also help to take care with the advertising campaign statistics. * Optional values can only be delivered, if provided by the member. Otherwise they remain empty. If a variable is invoked with {$. and the value exists, the moove server generates an URL Variable of the same name. Example and possible results:

Both kind of variables can be used within script code, too, of course.

An overview of the possibilities follows - please click here to see examples from members.
Data Variable Result Example Opt Info
Text Variables
Nickname Video Board
Housename moove
Locality Cologne
Link Variables
Nickname nck Video+Board
Housename hse moove
Country ctr DE List
Region reg DE10 * List
City cit Cologne *
Over 18 o18 1 1=age>=18
Language lng 49 1=English
Gender gen 2 * 1=male
Birthday brt 1988-02-14 * YYYY-MM-DD
Registration Date rgd 2008-12-31 YYYY-MM-DD
Membership Status mst 1 1=Gold Member
Experience exp 1 * 1=no Newbie
UTC Offset utc -6 UTC: 09/22/17, 09:12 AM, Server: 09/22/17, 11:12 AM, Offset: 2
User: 09/22/17, 03:12 AM, Offset: -6
Personal ID No. pin AT76
Profession prf V List
Title tit Designer *
Postal code plc 50997 *
Company / Campus cmp moove *
URL url *

Hint: The banner is directly used from your server. This way you have 100% control and comparability. You can use all your analysis tools additionally and you can even combine with the data provided from us. After enabling of your banner our server is constantly checking it for continued quality. Therefore please don't use rotating banners. moove enables you to administrate multiple campaigns for individual purposes. moove and the community are awaiting your interesting ads.

Hint: Good free Web space for Banners can be found at Tripod. You can also use Web space for files of your housepage and your homepage. moove online Partner.

The Web hosting service has to allow Deep linking and should allow all Filename extensions.
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