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2118ECarlDompierreKingdom TownshipGatineau
477G*Rehlein*jarichtig Mein SchloßEssen
569GButler OdinWomen of Strength
6EMadam Moove7'th Heaven
740E*L-L-2*HomeStone Mountain
8118G*Rolli*SubGuard AllianceLinz
970E*Sweet1Buns*Home of Checkpoint Charlie & Sweet1BunsCleveland
10EThunderEagleEagles Rule
1140E*susan-D*Rose CottageDont live in one
1261EWolfStarWolfs Den
1341Epinkflame1A w@lk in the clouds
1465G*CHeCKPoiNT CHaRLie*Himmel-Arsh-uWolkenbruch-Brücke
15E*Maggymay25*Day's Of Our LivesPittsburgh
1669G*Lord_of Cannon*Villa SorgenlosDresden
1772G*Schwarzer Ritter*Burg SonnensteinNähe Augsburg
1843E*BB*BB's House
1931EPoliBRGolden DawnRJ
2066EMichiel_lThe Seven Provinciën (visiting only allowed in my entry)Zwolle
2154Ealfredjarryubu house
2351E*Andrea SweetGirl*SweetGirl Boutique
24117G*Sir Olaf*I^^v^^Vicious Circle^^v^^
25EThe FoundationThe Foundation
2635G*Tista*Dein persönlicher MOOVE Online-Helfer
2742GCofféTil nordisk storm heks
2861E*Ky_Stephen*The House That KY Built
2965G*Lady_of_the_dance*Garten Eden
3055EjayaLadyjaya sweet house
3146E*old country*woods
3352GPolarhexeRiket av Norrskens Häxa
3564Ederanged_puppy_in_dragHouse of Smoke
3644GAsian_LadyHome of the Asian Witch
3946E*Eniti*just for fun

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