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Extern 3D Resources

Designers can create :3D models for moove online. This is our external link list to 3D :Surface, :Texture (computer graphics) and tools for :Category:3D_computer_graphics. Please pay attention to Copyright.

Hint: At the bottom of this page you can find, how developers can make moove online models out of 3D resources. E.g. create your own user colorable outfits, import :3ds Max surface files with our Imp3DS tool (*.3DS -> *.SRF) and much more...

Hint: moove supports the import of standard 3DS resources to make life easier for you. Some of these resources are not intended for real time use - they are for high quality still pictures and are huge in memory and performance costs. In case these resources are used unmodified in moove, they can cause technical problems, if they combine with many visitors, poor connections and weak PCs. As a web developer you convert BMP pictures to JPG for Internet usage. This way you can optimize 3D resources for online usage. Please have a look at following software:
MeshLab - 3DS Optimizer
Rational-Reducer - 3DS Optimizer
Action3D Reducer - 3DS Optimizer
VizUp - OBJ Optimizer
Okino's polygon reduction system
More from member *Andrea SweetGirl*

Hint from a member: "Not all 3DS resources are coming with :Texture Mapping. If you wish to use resources others have made, you may use a program such as AccuTrans to convert it to OBJ. Then use a program such as UVMapper to map the object (so you can paint it) then use Accutrans to merge objects (if needed) and convert back to 3DS before converting to SRF. Then you can have your textures shown."

Convert Google Sketchup Files To 3DS

Please tell us by using Help and Contact, if a site is missing or if a listed site has no content for moove online or is causing problems. Thank you very much!

Hint: Good free Web space can be found at Tripod. You can also use Web space for files of your housepage and your homepage. moove online Partner.

The :Web hosting service has to allow :Deep linking and should allow all :Filename extensions.

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