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Help - Community Dollars

Community Dollars (C$) are a score in the community. Depending on the account score, you receive Medals in your nickpage.
C$ can be earned, won, bought, given away and transferred.
You receive your first credit at registration - depending on your data entries, especially the e-mail address.
If you were invited by another member through Invite Contacts or Invite Friends they receive a credit, if you provide your e-mail address at registration.
Additionally, the member who recommended the community and is mentioned by you at the end of registration will get a credit.
Depending on your login time span you get a C$ bonus for your online time - especially if you had visiting activity.
To transfer C$ to other members, please use "Community Account" on the main community page, or "C$ Transfer" on the nickpage of the member.
You can use your C$ for Trading between members.
Hint: Get recommended easily and reliable by Invite Contacts, Invite Friends and Banner.

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