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phoenix{WMSS} of Tower of the Wolf Master

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House nameTower of the Wolf Master
BirthdayTue 12/03/1963
55 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Chinese signs Rabbit, Water
Time10:04 AM-9 hours
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hums as she wonders what to say...

W/we are A/all on a journey. At times the way seems so crystal clear. At other times? <shakes head>
i have no purpose here to attempt to sway judgement of me. i am who and what i am. i have made
mistakes and pursued labels when i felt i ought to have them as symbols of my acceptability. Now
i know only that i have what i seek and i know who i am and that defies categorization. i am happily
the care of my Wolf Master Sonny_Sampson. W/we are..... Plain and simple. W/we are. W/we are not
Gor though i have affection for the Gorean ways and many good HS here in Rose. W/we are not
D**. W/we ARE and W/we ARE what W/we ARE together. Enuf said :)


On the 8th day of June in the year 2005 by the Earth calendar, the Master Paccy allowed girl release
and with His permission and blessing, she begged the ko'lar of the Wolf Master of Kailiauk, Sonny_
Sampson. T******** was most honored by the acceptance of her new Master. T********, now to be
called phoenix{WMSS}. Being a yellow silk kajira, in training under alana{P}fg of the HS Dragon
Tooth of Kailaiuk, is under the restrictions of all yellow kajira of that HS and city. This means that
girl is not allowed to lap or fur. Any desire to buddy her must be approved by h********* Sonny_
Sampson, and in His absence, girl's guardian, Master Paccy. All of girl's rooms within the Tower of
the Wolf Master are NC, NK, NFK. A/all guests are expected to honor these, the wishes of the Wolf
Master Sonny_Sampson.

On this day the 21st day of May in the Earth calender of 2005, the girl Phoenix begged the kolar
of Master Paccy and was accepted. Master Paccy placed a kolar around girl's neck which states
she is the Personal Property of Paccy on it and locked it. T******** is now know as phoenix{P}.
This was witnessed by Master Eden, M******* Star Sapphire and M******* Lady Fire. If you have
any problems with t******** then bring them to me. So it is written so it is done.

Greetings to A/all

To any who are wondering who or what I am ... well let me begin by saying that oh yes!! I indeed used
to be known here as Purrrl and also as kallista{SLH}. Let me also say before I get those nasty blasts
from people who truly have no clue about me or my life or what brings about the fall of events that
you can save it. T******** has been through enough and will NOT be judged by A/anyone.

I have taken the name Phoenix~ for a number of reasons. You may, or may not know that the
Phoenix is a supposedly mythical being. It takes the form of what W/we would be most comfortable
calling a bird. This bird, as am I (and Y/you for that matter) is virtually immortal. The phoenix is a
feminine creature that cycles through "lives" of 500 - 600 years apiece. The song of the Phoenix
is heart-wrenchingly sweet. It has the ability to move the hearer to emotional states they had not
dreamed. Toward the end of each of it's life cycles the creature's songs become increasingly mournful
until eventually it's lovely plumage bursts into incinerating flames. From the ashes of it's own demise
the phoenix is reborn, shaking off the dust of it's past life and beginning again... unencumbered...

I chose the image of the phoenix because I am she! I can identify with that lonely mythical bard as
closely as may be. I have recently found the Truth that makes sense to me of all of this life and
with this knowledge I have emerged new born from the ashes of my past. Not bitter over what I
have lived but glad for every note sounded in the melody of my life. Thank you to A/all of Y/you
who have harmonized with me. Y/you have made the music memorable. I am not a singer as is
my emblem. Instead my songs are expressed in words. I am a word crafter; a writer of all forms.

I am a strong woman but one who knows myself to be a s**** to my core. A good Friend very
recently told me that I dont need a Master, that I seek my freedom. Both statements are true. I
dont NEED a Master. I know that there are s***** who are much helped by a Master who can lead
them down paths of learning or healing. I dont have that need. What I do have is the greatest
desire to serve. I do also seek freedom but not freedom from the c***** of a strong and worthy Man.
Rather I seek freedom of spirit; freedom of expression; s***** freedom and freedom to BE.

Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionWhat do I like best? OMG now that is a tough question. I really enjoy and appreciate so many things
about I have been an active member of a couple of other VR chats but moove gets my
very enthusiastic vote for the very best. First of all, I love that I pay once and am not pulling out my
credit card every day for new clothing and furnishings etc. I love that for the greatest part, moove
WORKS. I have heard people make the typical good-natured jibes at the glitches but believe me,
moove has it ALL over many other 3D chat programs. The amount of lag is minimal, the number of
times that a person crashes is almost non-existent and the quality of the product is fabulous. I am
also VERY impressed with the quality and dependabilty of the service. All of the options that are
available to citizens of to express their individuality and creativity is astounding. I just
want to say thank you so much for a great product, a great world and great service! KUDOS!

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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