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natasha {MTB} of Graphics Dream

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House nameGraphics Dream
BirthdayTue 02/26/1957
62 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Pisces
Chinese signs Rooster, Fire
Time12:32 PM-9 hours
Cityvictoria Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code3612 Google Earth Google Maps :Victoria
Interests and Portrayal

greetings im back after a very long time ive missed roomancer i was a scout now im finding my legs again lol
after my mothers death i became very ill i am on meds now and coming back again please have patience when i help
i, m a little rusty nat
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionGreetings from this one:natasha{MTB}
girl has to say that in all the years shes has been in rose basic and advance now roomancer
of all the things about this prog and what girl has seen,tis more than time to thank those whose
hard work and dedication to make roomancer bigger and better for our pleaseure these are people
behind the scenes we rarely ever see and yet put much time and hard work into making it a home
a place for meeting friends and becoming family these people girl thinks is time to thank for their efforts
in creating this wonderous place girl for one thanks thanks all the staff at moove and thanks are not
really much for the back breaking work you all do from the actual programme it in its self is a big job
to 3d graphics and to the smooth running of it girl here would like to thank all here *Belle* a wonderful
mom to all her big family *Maxxie* for all that hard and difficult stuff girl thanks you so much for your dedication
to roomancer to work and make it bigger and better *Lothar* foe all his wise and techinal help also
and to all unnamed staff that we never see and yet are responible for helping Rose run smoothely
girl thanks you all for her home here that was made possible from all of you creating girls Roomancer
stay well and safe and just grow and grow as girl has seen your work just get bigger and better natasha{MTB}

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