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honeybear812 of FOREVER SAD

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BirthdayMon 10/12/1964
54 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Libra
Chinese signs Dragon, Wood
Time01:05 PM-7 hours
CountryUnited States
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
Forever is gone
I know we promised each other forever
But it will hurt us if i stay
The fire has finally flickered out
Nothing I do can bring us back the love we once shared
I gave you my whole heart,so now i must find a way to let you go,
Everytime we are with each other,we find ourselves growing further and further apart.

Why stay,if we only bring each other down?
We both know its over
But yet I still keep holding on
Something in my heart keeps denying that the love is gone
Words are lost.and emotions gone,
P*** and heatache seemed to take over
Some where along the way we failed each other,
All the love has vanished

Only the shadows of the memories remain,
I break down and cry everytime I think about what we became
During our time together we helped each other grow
But now our journey together has come to an end,

Forever seems to be impossible for you and I,
Time for me to let go and say goodbye.........


I will never forget Daleela, and the times we spent together,
She will always be in my heart,and be a part of me until my last days on earth.......
:Nickname in Real Life /First NameHoney
:Blood Typeb+
:Social statusdont believe in status
:Social classdont believe in class
:Religioni believe in God,but he doesnt listen to me much anymore
Have been happy with myselfnot at present time
See the good sides of thingsi try to
One Thing You'd Change About Yourselfmy emotions and saying what i feel instead of being quiet
Thing You Love Most About Yourselfnot alot at the present time
How Others See Youask them
Makes Me Happytrue love,true friends and nice people
Makes Me Sadmean people.fake friends
Your Weaknesstrue love
Your :Fearsdying and being alone
Always worryyes,one of my bad traits
Do you believe in yourselfno
Ever been called a :Teaseyes
Do you make fun of peopleno, dont like to hurt peoples feelings
Personality :Vicesi think too much
Likesfriends,kind and nice people
Dislikesmean people
Are you :kinkyare you?
:Mottolove and heart break,which doesnt destroy me,can only make me a better person
I am searchingnope
Best things I learned from my parentstreat people the same as you want to be treated
Three things, if alone on an islandfriends,food,and water
Do you believe in :fate / :destinyno,people make choices to affect fate and destiny
Do you like :poetryjust really got into poetry,yes i do
Are you :jealoussometimes
Are you :envioussometimes
Your Most Missed Memorynovember2006/october2007
Most Loving Personmy sweet.sweet lil brown eyed girl
Most Loved Personshe knows who she is
Your Habits
Bad :Habitssmoking
Your Bedtimedont have one,i cant sleep
Do you :Smokeyes,too much
Do you :Cussyes,when i get really angry
Do you :Swearsame as above
Your looks
Best Physical Featuremy heart
Spare Time
Thing to Do Aloneponder lifes meaning and why i am here
moove online
I am looking fornot looking
Best ways, days and times for contactmoove mail,silly
Perfect Partner
:Personalityone who is sweet and has a kind and loving heart
Love & Relationships
I am looking fornot looking
Been In Loveyes
Been Dumpedyes
End of your last Relationshiprecently
Do you believe in :love at first sightyes
What do you look for in othersa kind and loving heart
Have you ever cried on their shouldertried to once
Do looks matternope
What you have done
Been Drunkyes
Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sexyes
Kissed A Member Of The Same Sexyes
Been Tied Upyes
Played :Detectiveyes,getting good at discovering clues that are hidden in text
Hurt Myself On Purposetried to
Things in my Past I (Will) Regretbelieving others instead of listening to my heart
Family & Friends
Sistersyes 1
Most Caring Personshe knows who she is
Opinion about Religion & Spirituality
:Afterlifei hope there is another life
:Prayyes i do,but He doesnt listen to my prayers
What do you think about
:Gunshad one,sister took it from me,needs another
:Alcoholyes,helps me to sleep sometimes,lol
:Big Bang Theorywhats that? a gun shot??
:Romancebest feeling in the whole world
:Abortionno, they are gifts from God
In A Perfect Worldthere would be no pain and suffering,just love and kindness
Least Favoritecountry
How many CD's do you haveover 200
What's in your CD player right nowfleetwood mac
Do you download musicnope,dont know how
:Gradealmost graduated from college.3 1/2 years
Goal To Achieve This Yearto be happy again
Greatest wishto be able to change the past
If I had a million $i would probably give it away
How do you want to Diefast and when i want to go
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionlove the chat room,moove should have put up a warning sign,addiction may occur and moove isnt responsible for lost sleep.

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