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House nameflurby's place
BirthdayTue 11/22/1960
58 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Scorpio/Sagittarius
Chinese signs Rat, Metal
Citygent Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code9000 Google Earth Google Maps :Gent
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hey hey,

i'm 1.85 m high (6"07), my weight is 80 kg (176 pound) and i have blue eyes, long red hair and a beard, which is still my first beard; i never shaved..."s-h-a-v-i-n-g" ? whats that? lol > "grow and let grow" is my "motto" :) ...i have nice legs (thats the reason why i always wear black leggings) and a very nice butt (girls! lol)...

honestly and integrity are the 2 most important values in my being. i like to play (and tease) and i never want to grow up...

i have, like all other people, my needs and desires and sex(uality) is one of them. not just sex for sex because i think its not possible to have sex when there is no love (or liking each other, at least) might call me a romantic type...i love to love and be in love and also love being loved (who doesnt)...

i'm in for free love (also called p-o-l-y-a-m-o-ry nowadays), because hey, face it...: we're with people on this globe, why on earth only choose just one and leave all other 599.999.998 people ???...i'm by the way also bi-s-e-x-u-a-l...

most of the time i refuse to be a man, because i don't like the typical 'man' thing that much; too many man walk behind their "d-i-c-k" and see women just as meat (those men can be called "dickheads", even) !!!...thats humiliating women...and we call that here SEXISM...
androgyny is very important for me (men with women qualities and the other way around) and seeing women as humans in first instance means more to me then the dividing of sexes...

originally im from the netherlands and i live since 1992, which is 18 years aleady, in belgium (gent)...

at the moment i am studying; i try to get a diploma what people normally get when they turn 18...its called "second chance education"...a "accountancy-informatica" diploma is the final goal...and in june 2011 i hope to get that diploma...

aah...almost forgot, my interests...are (modern / contemporary) a HUGE music lover (music is my first love...and it will be my in the future...and music in the past); in first instance the so called prog(ressive) rock from the '70s but i like a different range of diverce music styles, the complexer the better, so that means also im in for contemporary improvised music / modern jazz...boardgaming (all the newer games, those after monopoly and risk; for instance the colonists of catan...and GO -world's oldest boardgame, origianally chinese; 4.000 yrs old already-)...reading, non-fiction; people on the run, resistance, in prison (i read all about the holocaust for instance)...extra-parliamentary politics: (revolutionairy) anarchism, self-determination, autonomy...
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinioni LOVE to decorate...and especially try to do "weird things" with the decorating...and what's also VERY nice, is the personal contacts, people, i get to know here...ive never seen an online program, that has such an individual influence on a person...

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