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cloeygirl of rainfall

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House namerainfall
BirthdaySun 02/15/1987
32 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Aquarius/Pisces
Chinese signs Rabbit, Fire
Time11:28 AM-7 hours
CountryUnited States
School or CompanyHome
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
I am a country girl, I enjoy being out doors, riding horses, hiking,
I love to listen to music and making new friends, I enjoy chatting



Hold me in your arms so tight
you have control over me from
morning to night, as I look into
your eyes you see this was meant to be,
the way your lips touches mine sends chills
up and down my spine, the power that you
hold upon me I wish not to be free, the anger
that builds up on your face when I have done
wrong how you touch me with hands so strong,
I will take my p********* with pride even though
I have cried, as the tears trickles down my face
and the p*** that I feel my wounds from your
whip will heal,


As I feel my desire you make my flames burn higher,
you touch me in all the right places as your fingers
slides and traces, as we make love from night till day
here my love I will forever stay, as our body's thrust
to and fro oh baby I wont let go, for you are my one desire
you are the one who lit my fire, as we continue
making love all night long there is nothing that can go wrong,
as I feel my desire you make my flames burn higher...


Wanting your touch needing you so
hungry for your kiss oh please don't let go,
the sound of your voice as you call out my
name making love in the summers rain, as the
full moon shines upon us tonight how our love
feels so right, laying in your arms as you
hold me close to your heart hoping that
we will never part, as you whisper sweet
words into my ear I have nothing to fear,

~~~~~ Just some short poems~~~~~
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionI like to decorate my rooms, I think rose/moove is the best chat ever.. I have been to many but this
is by far the best I'v seen.. so many wonderful people here and all the nice helpers, I cannot think of
any other chats out there that I rather be then here on moove..

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