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Sybill Trelawney of North Tower Top

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Ultra rich: 60837 C$Anniversary: 04/16/2007Silver Cup

House nameNorth Tower Top
Music / Video
BirthdaySun 11/28/1965
53 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Chinese signs Snake, Wood
Time12:35 PM-9 hours
CountryUnited States
CityMaple Valley Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code 98038 Google Earth Google Maps :Maple Valley, County :King, State :Washington
OccupationBanking / Finance
BirthplaceSeattle, Washington USA
:Left handednope
Familylive alone
Petsthis stray cat won't go...about 10 months setting her free & she keeps returning
My :personality isINFJ
How You Feel Looking in the Mirrorgood
Makes Me Sadwaste of natural resources
Makes Me Hotwarm weather ha ha
Your :Fearsheights
Thoughts First Waking Upwhat time is it?
Are you a Health Freakdiet conscious, could be more physically active
Do you get Motion Sicknessno
Ever been called a :Teaseyes
Personality :Virtueshonesty to a fault
Personality :Vicesall the rest
Are you :claustrophobicno
Do you consider yourself :socialno
My Hangoutsparty poker, true poker offline: casinos and racetracks
Best things I learned from my parentsthat i could be the first woman president if i had wanted
Three things I can't live withoutair, food, water??
Three things, if alone on an islandPC w/fast i-net connection, cell phone, tv w/expanded digital cable and HBO
You should come visit me becausea few poor souls seem to think i'm funny--why? i have no idea...
Do you believe in :fate / :destinyto some degree, yes
Your Most Missed Memoryi can't remember
Most Influential Personfather
Your Habits
Bad :Habitsgambling, smoking, drinking
Your Bedtimevarious
Your bad time of daymorning
Do you :Smokeyes
Do you :Cussyes
Do you :Swearyes
Do you :Snoresometimes
Favorite :houseworkdusting
Least Favorite houseworkthe bathroom
Your Most Overused :PhraseImagine that!
Car drivingyes
Your looks
Best Physical Featurei seem to be told its my smile most often
Height5ft 6 (152cm)
Weightunder 150 lbs (under 68kg)
Shoe size9
Hair Colorbrown
Hair Lengthshoulder
Hair Style / Texturefrizzy/curly
:Ethnicityfrench canadian/german (mostly) heinz 57
:Piercingsears 3 each
Clothing styleretro
What do you usually wearjeans
Your everyday make upnone
Colorsblue purple yellow navy grey black white maroon
Color you never wearfuscia
You wouldn't be caught dead wearinghip huggers
Hand Nailstans, mauves, light brown, copper/bronze--filled
Foot Nailssame, not filled
Earringsusually mismatched on purpose
Arm Jewellerybracelet
Necklacesbirthstone & diamond horseshoe
Hairclipspinned back/up most of the time, various ones
Chainson the necklace unless we are talking whips and chains, then i'd pass
Hatsbaseball caps when playing cards
How many pairs of shoes15+
Adidas, Nike, Puma or ReeboksNike
Sunglassesclip-ons for cards
Spare Time
Thing to Do Alonecomputer, movies, gambling
Thing to Do With Friendscomputer, movies, gambling
Single or Group Datessingle
Thing to Do in the Eveningtv, internet
Thing to Do at the Weekendchores, groceries, laundry
Thing to Do on Vacationtravel, nap in the sun, gamble
Searching for holiday partnerno, thank you
Readingduring commute on public transit, yes, the library likes me
Go outrarely--unless gambling counts
moove online
How did u joini was here in 99 or so--came back to see if anything had changed.
Why did u joinmeet people to talk to
Favorite partdecorating and re-decorating
Perfect Partner
How tallover 6'
Love & Relationships
Been In Loveyes
Been Dumpedyes
How Far You've Gonemarried before
First Date14
First :Kiss12
Whose Ring Do You Wearmy own
Oldest Date25 years older than myself
Youngest Date3 years younger than myself
Most :Embarrassing Daterealizing my date was 25 years older than i was...
Do you believe in :love at first sightno
What do you look for in othersindividuality with the ability to compromise to get along with most everyone
Have you ever hooked up with a friendyes
Did you ever change yourself to fit inyes
For love or moneylove
What you have done
Been Drunksure
Drugsyep, i had those years in the past, too
Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sexgosh i hope so...was married !! feel like a broken record here...
Kissed A Member Of The Same Sexduh---
Crashed A Friend's Carno
Been To :Japanno
Been In A Taxisure/several
Been On a Planesure/several
Been Firedyes
Been In A Fist Fightalmost!!--with a guy, too...
Snuck Out Of My Parent's Houseno
Been Tied Upyes
Played :Detectiveyes
Stolen Somethingyes
Gone On A :Blind Dateyes
Lied To A Friendyes
Had A Crush On A Teacherno
Hurt Myself On Purposeno
Eaten :Sushino
Been :Snowboardingno
Flashed Anyonein real life? no
Ever self-pierced any part of yourselfno
Ever dyed your hairyes
Things in my Past I (Will) Regrettoo many to list
Family & Friends
Favorite Family Memberone of a classification not listed above
Deceased Familysome classifications that are not listed above
Famous AncestorsBest one I can think of: Catherine Baillon-Miville (married 1669)
First FriendCathy
Newest FriendMelissa
Oldest FriendConnie or Alice
Youngest FriendI'm not sure who is youngest
Childhood FriendsJudi, Julie, Renea
Friends You DatedJeff, JD
Disconnected Friendsmany
Most Trusted PersonStep mom
What do you think about
:Sexyes, please
:Drugsno, thanks
:Gunsno, thanks
:Alcoholyes, please
:Warcan we get out of Iraq now?
Medical :Marijuanaallow it
Kind of musictoo much to list here
Least Favoritecountry and western or rap
Music stationjazz/soft rock combo
:Concertsexcept for the symphony/ballet, not in over 25 years
How many CD's do you haveenough to be a pain to move, but probably not nearly enough ;)
Last CD you boughtcan't remember, probably a movie soundtrack
What's in your CD player right nowJackson 5's greatest hits
Do you download musichave in the past, not lately
Do you play an instrumentyes, a couple
Do you singyes
Have you ever been in a bandno, i don't think karkaoke hosting counts...
Kind of moviestoo many to list
Least Favoritethe bad ones
TV Showbig love/mythbusters
:Soap operadon't watch them
Game Showmatch game (old)
Old Showthat girl
Kids' Showdon't watch them
Reality Showi enjoyed last season of project runway
Movie :Actortoo many to list
Movie Actressditto
Eat & Drink
Kind of foodmexian, chinese, fast food, american, greek
Least Favoriteclams, oysters, mussels, hardboiled eggs, grisle (its a texture thing)
Foodalways watching caloric intake
Mealbroiled halibut on mashed potato bed, green beans and caesar salad
Ice Cream Flavorvanilla
RestaurantRed Robin or Las Margeritas
Fast foodBurger King
Drinkdiet mountain dew
:Delicacyis alaska salmon considered a delicacy?
Fruitgreen seedless grapes
Pizzahawaiian (thin ham and pineapple)
Snackgrapes or triscuits
Salad dressingcreamy french or ranch
Teaiced or green tea (hot)
Coffeerarely w/sweet n low--starbucks triple grande non fat sugar free vanilla latte
Coladiet mountain dew
Club / Societyglee/choir
Skippedhigh school sure--biology quite a bit, as i remember it
Languagesnon, je ne parle pas franšais
I Participate Indoes poker REALLY count as a sport these days?
I Watchhockey, curling (sometimes), *poker?
Clubwaiting to turn 50 to join the red hats ;)
Kind ofcomedy shorts
Animal StarEvery night, Josephine (Jaqueline Susanne)
SeriesHarry Potter --good ending :)
Latest Newstoo tired from working to report any news
:BookCount of Monte Cristo
:CinemaNational Treasure II
:Church attendancewent to a church bar-b-que least year, otherwise, no, not normally
RestaurantChez Dave
Vacationi'm due for one, haven't decided yet
:Educationcontinuing industry ed for my job
Vacationback to Kauaii
Goal To Achieve This Yearget back to Hawaii
If I had a million $live on the interest & buy real estate
Numberoh, i never tell my lucky numbers ;)
:Quotehow come quote is listed twice?
Place to becasino
Place to chillhome
Place to visithawaii
Time of dayafternoon/evening before dark
MonthAugust or November
:RPGUltima Online for quite some time--not anymore
:Game Systemputer
Type of family game to playmonopoly, yahtzee, cribbage, scrabble
Perfume or colognebelara
:Smellfloral or rainwater/waterfall scents
:Soundcertain music
:Flowerfuschia or orchid to care for, mixed arrangements
:Treeweeping willow
Electronic DeviceGPS
Curse Wordmost of them
Lie / Excusei forgot
Time Period80's
Video Gamechanges often--i last played Sim City
Softwaredigital painting programs
:Quotehow come quote is listed twice?
:Gifti like to give gag-gifts
Vacation spotHawaii
:Night Club / :Barthe bar in the casino
Possession / Thingsome specific jewelry items
What's on your desktopKauaii picture on pc, on real desktop--too much stuff!!
My bedroom is decorated likevictorian
In my bedroom, you'd findcertifications and family photos
Do you like :roller coastersnot really, anymore
:Appendix or :tonsils removednope
Dream carbentley
Type of car you drive now2006 american-made
What was your first car1976 chevy chevette (hey, it was only a 5 year old car back then!!)
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionDecorating, re-decorating, and re-decorating. Building rooms and tearing down rooms. I love to have
a new look to a room frequently. It is great to meet so many nice people as well and
have some very nice conversations.

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