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House nameSwtPrssy Designs
BirthdayMon 09/13/1965
53 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Virgo
Chinese signs Snake, Wood
Time10:05 AM-6 hours
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Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
Something to think about....

Meeting someone online provides us with a distorted view of reality. People develop an instant relationship, in their minds,
without the formation of emotional attachments. True emotional attachments come from spending time together, face-to-face.
A one time face-to-face meeting is not a relationship, it's only a beginning. Look at the many people who believe that the
face-to-face interaction with someone they have met for the first time, is happily ever after. Emails, web cam interactions,
IMs, and phone calls with a stranger you have never met are not a relationship. These interactions are a fantasy that you
are living out in your own mind based on your expectations. Yes, emotions are involved in online interactions, but emotions
are also involved in books and movies. A good book or movie can move us emotionally, even if it is fiction. Online connections
frequently give us a sense of false intimacy since we are left to read our own meaning into words in IMs, emails, web cam
interactions, and long distance phone calls. The communications and the emotions may not always be what we expect.
It's up to you, where you take your online experiences. You can give up and just wait for love to drop in your lap, or you can seek
out what you need in love, friendship and relationships. Experiential learning is the key. Experiencing new truths about yourself
and someone new, expands your knowledge of what you truly need versus what you desire. You need to evaluate what you have
learned about yourself in the process and use that knowledge when you approach your next meaningful relationship. We are all
growing and learning here. Online relationships are pseudo intimacy because you cant tell if the other person is what they portray
themselves to be or if they are smelly, gross, or just plain incompatible. When you go into relationship with someone, both of you have your own agendas, needs, and wants.

My Own Personal Actor Designer...... Please dont ask me to make you your own actor unless your willing
to pay $500.00 per actor thats in US dollars not rose money. Each outfit is &300.00 US dollars.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Words of Wisdom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

................... Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch................
when you think you can count on something before it happens ...... things always
changing before your eyes.

................... Never Say Never.....................
when you use the word never either referring to saying "you'll NEVER win" or "I will NEVER do that"
things 95% of the time changes and you end up doing just what you said you would "NEVER" do or the
outcome of what you said "NEVER" turns out to you end up EATING your words!!!!!!!

....................Dont Judge A Book By It's Cover......................
Oldest saying here really doesnt need explained...... even a stupid person could figure that out!!!!

...................I Told You So!!!.................
I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!

Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionI love the fact that its online and can meet other people. I love how you can make your own actors
and use your creativity to express the way you feel.

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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