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Shadow4 of Chambers of Darkness

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Ultra rich: 212665 C$Anniversary: 12/20/2003Since more than 14 Years Married to $Secret Sassy

House nameChambers of Darkness
BirthdayTue 09/22/1964
54 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Virgo/Libra
Chinese signs Dragon, Wood
Time08:43 PM-1 hour
CountryUnited Kingdom
Married to$Secret Sassy  10/29/2004Anniversary Since more than 14 Years Married to $Secret Sassy
InfoDate of wedding: Oct 29,2004
Wedding minister: Knightrider
Wedding witnesses: Girly_Brat~ Cari  Yukon  IncredibleHunk
Interests and Portrayal

Hi what to say about me, i would say i am a down to earth honest guy. I have been on rose for quite
a while now, most of it spent alone, but i'm not complaining. Thing is someone comes along and shows
you what you have been missing. Since this person came into my life i have been in heaven, sounds
childish but true, and most importantly it keeps getting better. You are such a wonderful person Sass
and i love you so much, hope this can go on forever. Also i have met such really good friends too many
to mention (not really just scared to death of missing someone out lol ). well enough for now but will
keep adding now that i've started. Life on rose gets better and better married to sass has made me
sooooooooooooo happy, thanks love for being you and having me as your husband.
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My opinionI enjoy the graphics

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