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Hey everyone ty for visiting my Np!!

Now i decided to write into my NP for a reason!!
Many pp say MOOVE is....
a GAME......
it's FAKE.....
Well i do respect your opinion on this matter,
But i think diffrent!!
Now we all have to understand that sitting behind a pc is a
real person with feeling, So when you meet somone before
you begin the lies and cheating and just not being honest
Think about it for a minute please.... you are talking to a real
person with real feelings that you might hurt!!!
I don't agree when ppl say MOOVE is a GAME, I believe we are here
to get to know ppl make friends and good clean fun!!!
Some have many diffrent reasons why there here,
and what ever that reason is... it's fine as long as your
honest with the person whom you choose to chat with
or have a relationship with, And both agree!!!
Now if you know me, you know by now i am very blunt
and very straightfoward!!!!!
And i expect the same in return!!
I don't like fake ppl and mind games!!!
I believe that when someone is open with you , you should
respect that, And LISTEN to what they have to say
and respect it!! So....If you lied to me or cheated or played mind games or
decided to be a fake in telling me you are someone your not
then hey thats on you!! And if you don't like to hear what i have to say
then don't bother me!!! I am who i am and i wont change
I think i'm a nice person all around....
I can be caring,loving,sweet,funny, oh and a smartass.... :P
But i am having a hard time
with ppl when i tell them how i am and what i expect,
when it comes to friendships or relationships
So ya if i hurt your feelings i'm sorry but you should of....

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my Nickpage

Have fun everyone!!!! .......Monica
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionThanks to moove met some great ppl and made some great friends!!!

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