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NICOLE67 of Nikki and Enzos Dream

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House nameNikki and Enzos Dream
BirthdayTue 09/01/1970
48 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Virgo
Chinese signs Dog, Metal
Time12:37 PM-7 hours
CountryUnited States
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
NIKKI says :
What is that in your eyes?
Is that a look of love?

If it is,
Come here by my side.

Do you want me?
Take me,
And make me high.

Put your arms around me,
And turn the lights down low,
And take me to the place,
You want me to go.

Enzomadcap dit :
My Nikki baby, you are so good at poetry
and knowing you are talking about me and
your feelings in it makes me shivering and
feeling so good! i want to hold you so tight,
and fly with you so high, you give me wings
to reach the stars and deep feelings i never had so far....

NIKKI says :
You are my Heaven here on earth my baby

Enzomadcap dit :
Ma Jolie, I never met someone like you....
you are my dream...and i want to be tied
to you because i feel now that you are so
special and so unique to me...
My baby, Ma Nikki jolie, would you be engaged with me?

NIKKI says :
can you feel the beat of my heart oh baby
even though we are so far apart, It is my dream
every night. I would be honored to be your wife.

Enzomadcap dit :
Baby you make me so happy, i couldn't be without you! I would be so honoured to be your man!

»¦« HâÞÞÿ ßïrhdâÿ Âñgè£èñzó »¦«

Did you know I Cherish every moment with you?
I lose myself when I'm with you.
Did you know I dream of you?
Of the day we finally will meet.

Did you know I can smell you
even though you are not here?
Did you know you complete me?
I can feel your embrace,
I am lying on your chest.
My face pressed against your cheek,
If I just shut my eyes.
Did you know I would wait
forever for you?

Did you know that?
Did you?

((¯¨¤» ór mÿ §wèè bâbÿ «¤¨¯))

I promise you a love thats true.
I promise you a hand to hold.
I promise to make time for"us"
To dream and do and dare.

I promise you
A love that grows deeper
I promise to be gentle with your hopes,
Your joys,your fears.

With all my heart,
I promise
With every day I live...
To share with you
The deepest, truest
Love I have to give.

(_.·°·._.·°·._. Í ¦ØV ¥ØÛ ßÂߥ ._.·°·._.·°·._)

********I GLOW ************
I tremble as you touch my lips,
Your gentle hands hold me tight,
Kissing my neck softly.

Your warm breath makes me shake,
Your eyes look at my soul,
Peircing my heart with your love.

Your heart beats softly,
As my head rests against your chest.
You whisper "I love you."
My heart jumps as I say
"Forever; I will love you."

*~~~ ~**~ ~~~*

He must be so tall that when he is on his knees,
he reaches all the way to heaven.
His shoulders must be broad .
His lips must be strong enough to smile,
and tender enough to kiss passionately.
He must be big enough to be gentle and great enough
to be thoughtful.
His arms must be strong enough to carry a child.
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionThis is a great chat program! I wouldnt have met Enzomadcap,
my true love!! if I wouln't have discovered Moove. The graghics are great,
and the scouts are great too! I love the idea of being able to change
my clothes everyday, and never have to do laundry! I have met many
special friends here, and I have learned so much, Even some of the German
and of course French language!

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