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Madori Shepherd of Hedley

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Ultra rich: 139224 C$Anniversary: 08/27/2007Since more than 10 Years In love with prince0356

House nameHedley
BirthdayThu 10/11/1951
67 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Libra
Chinese signs Rabbit, Metal
Time03:17 PM-6 hours
CountryUnited States
CityNorth Adams Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code 49262 Google Earth Google Maps :North Adams, County :Hillsdale, State :Michigan
OccupationFarming / Forestry
In love withprince0356  08/01/2008Anniversary Since more than 10 Years In love with prince0356
Interests and Portrayal

Used to be a country gal looking for an almost rodeo man........HOWEVER.......I found my PRINCE0356 here on moove. I LOVE YOU PRINCE!

It's my world and It's my rules!
Many things happen here in fanasty land!
So run, run little bunny, run as fast as you can!
If you are to be brave, and bare to the world, I suppose,
Search elsewhere, in my fanasty land you must wear clothes!
If it trips your trigger and rings your bell,
Do one brave thing today.... and run like hell.
Do not enter nude You will be dismissed!!
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionIt's my world and I can have it anyway I choose! I found moove to be a wonderful place to meet people, chat and just enjoy life. I hope everyone else can have the same reality I have found in the fanasty land of Moove. Moove allowed me to be myself in every aspect from my personal avitar to decorating my home. I have experiened wonderful encounter's with people from around the world, which never would have happened otherwise. No regrets what-so-ever for coming on board the moove site.

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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