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LadyCammy of CammysCastle@ Immortal ^V^ Covenant

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House nameCammysCastle@ Immortal ^V^ Covenant
BirthdayTue 05/08/1973
45 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Taurus
Chinese signs Ox, Water
Time03:12 PM-6 hours
CityOntario Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal codeK1Y 0S3 Google Earth Google Maps :Ontario
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Wow it has been awhile since I have looked at Moove Online... gotten a few cuddles .. not sure what that is but what the if you wanna contact me .. mail me at to get a hold of me.. thanks

I used to a DJ and General Manager of an online radio stations until the owner closed it.. oh well..
might look for another station but not sure Right now just enjoying Moove with some close
friends and meeting new people.. so dont be shy.. come visit.. just remember to be respectful.. thanks
hope to see you soon

If You wish to know about me... just ask.. I am not shy .. most of the time ~smirks~

I am also slowly learning to make stuff for Moove.. can do carpets sorta.. would love to learn how to do
clothes and furnitures..*hint hint* any one wanna help me I also have some years of experence
in making images with paintshop pro 6.. I do have some examples of my work in my room.. i also made my
shield..looking forward to help others if they need one.. maybe for a fee or for free if I like depends on my

Will be adding more about Hotel NightWish when I have all the info to

Oh By The Way I tend to leave my moove up while I am watching television or sleeping so if You dont
get an answer when coming to visit means I am not at my computer at the time.. I am not ignoring
you... ~waves~ See you all soon
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionWhat I love about Moove..everything.. the people are great and most are extremely helpful.. great designers
always bringing us new and great things..its a great escape from reality and to enjoy yourself

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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