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FireKicker of Wolf Den

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Ultra rich: 3637984 C$Anniversary: 02/07/2008Silver CupEvent plannerCrush

House nameWolf Den
GenderMale Basic member
Time01:46 PM-7 hours
CountryUnited States
ZIP/Postal code 55363 Google Earth Google Maps :Montrose, County :Wright, State :Minnesota
OccupationPublic Safety
Interests and Portrayal

Puttin' out fires, Karate, Camping, Rodeo, NASCAR Well rounded guy, eh?
:Nickname in Real Life /First NameG
BirthplaceSt Barnabas Hospital
:Left handednope
:Blood TypeO+
:RaceWhite + a bit of Native
:Social statusI've got friends in low places
Mental Statusdepends on the moment
:IQtoo high for my own good
:Chronic Diseasesmy state of mind
Have been happy with myselfYup
See the good sides of thingsYup
How You Feel Looking in the MirrorSo...this is how others see me
How Others See YouHow I look in the mirror
Makes Me HappyA fire call
Makes Me SadLosing a patient
Makes Me HotFire
Your WeaknessYou're gonna have to find
Your :FearsI walk into burning buildings...what do I have to fear?
Thoughts First Waking UpI fooled 'em again
Are you a Health FreakAre you kidding?
Do you get Motion SicknessNope
Do you believe in yourselfYup
Ever been called a :TeaseNope
Do you make fun of peopleNope
Are you tight
Are you :kinkyCompared to what?
Kind of people I likeIntelligent, caring, giving...and willing to receive
I am searchingfor the Meaning of Life (lol)
My HangoutsAnywhere they'll still let me in
Three things, if alone on an islandFood, water, harmonica
You should come visit me becauseI'm a friendly guy
Do you like :poetrySome
Are you unforgivingNo
Are you :jealousNo
Are you :enviousNo
Your Habits
Your BedtimeWhenever I get there
Your bad time of dayMorning
Do you :SmokeNope
Do you :Cussyup
Do you :Swearyup
Do you :Snore???
Body :HygieneClean
Favorite :houseworkFavorite? lol
Least Favorite houseworkwashing windows
Do you like love bitingYup
Do you like to scareNo
Your Most Overused :PhraseThere ya go
Car drivingBoogity, Boogity, Boogity...Let's go racin' Boys!
Your looks
Good LookingYou Bet! lol
Best Physical FeatureNot tellin'
Body typeFit
Shoe size11
Hair ColorBrown
Hair LengthMid
Hair Style / TextureStraight
:EthnicityWhite w/small percentage of Native
:Skin ToneReddish tan
:AmputationsLemme all my parts!
Clothing styleCountry
What do you usually wearBlack
Clothing BrandWrangler
Where do you shopWally World
Color you never wearPink...sheeeeeesh
You wouldn't be caught dead wearinguh...a dress?? lol
EarringsIn left ear
BeltsWolf howling, and feathers
ShoesBoots or barefoot
How many pairs of shoes3
UndergarmentsUsually not
moove online
How did u joinSame way as you
Why did u joinLooking to meet people
Best ways, days and times for contactWhen I'm here
Perfect Partner
:PersonalityIntelligent, warm, caring, giving...but willing to receive
How tallDoesn't matter
Body typeDoesn't matter
EyesDoesn't matter
Hair ColorDoesn't matter
Short or Long HairDoesn't matter
Clothing StyleDoesn't matter
Love & Relationships
Been In LoveYup
Been DumpedYup
How Far You've GoneAre you kidding? Is this Facebook?
What you have done
Been DrunkYup
Kissed A Member Of The Opposite SexYup
Kissed A Member Of The Same SexNO! dad...but NOT on the lips! lol
Crashed A Friend's CarNope
Been To :JapanNope
Been In A TaxiYup
Been On a PlaneYup
Been FiredYup
Been In A Fist FightYup
Snuck Out Of My Parent's HouseIs this Facebook?
Played :DetectiveYup
Flashed AnyoneOh
Ever self-pierced any part of yourselfYup
What do you think about
:SexVery good!
:DrugsDepends on what they're used for
:GunsIn the right hands...good
:AlcoholCan make a party more...interesting
:PoliticsWant me to mess with your head? lol
:GovernmentNecessary evil
:WarOverused necessary evil
:Big Bang TheoryYup
True :WitchcraftYup
Medical :MarijuanaGood for some very sick people
:EuthanasiaDepends on how it's used
:AbortionDepends on how it's used
In A Perfect WorldTrueBlueFire = Migg Xiirana
Kind of musicBoth kinds...Country and Western!
Least FavoriteRap....but that isn't music
Musical InstrumentHarmonica
Music stationK102
Do you play an instrumentHarmonica
Do you singOccasionally
Kind of moviesSkin...and s**t blowin' up! lol
Least FavoriteMusicals...can't see people in crisis breaking into singing and dancing
:MovieFavorite Christmas movie = Die Hard
Eat & Drink
Salad dressingRanch
ColaDiet Coke
I Participate InMartial Arts
I WatchNASCAR, Rodeo, Football, Hockey, Baseball
How do you want to DieI ain't goin'
Curse WordS**t!
What's on your desktopToo many
My bedroom is decorated likeUp North
In my bedroom, you'd findAt the right time of!
Do you like :roller coastersYou bet!!
Type of car you drive nowF 150
What was your first car1963 Dodge Dart
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionAll of the people from all over the world!

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