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Emma Erickson of Playhouse

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Very richAnniversary: 10/26/2007Silver CupCrush

House namePlayhouse
BirthdayTue 08/10/1982
36 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Leo
Chinese signs Dog, Water
Time09:50 AM-9 hours
CountryUnited States
:Nickname in Real Life /First NameEmma
BirthplaceSan Jose
:Racehonkey white
Familythey're the best
:Social statusVery social!
Mental Statustotally mental =-p
:Chronic Diseasesnope
See the good sides of thingstypically
Makes Me Happysex
Makes Me Sadnot having it
Makes Me Hotsexy guys
Your Weaknesssexy guys
Thoughts First Waking Up5 more minutes
Do you get Motion Sicknessno
Do you believe in yourselfof course
Ever been called a :Teasenow who would say that?? =-p
Do you make fun of peopleguilty - but in a fun teasing kinda way
I am different inlots and lots of ways
Dislikespeople that are really really really dumb. I won't name any names....
Turn-onsSexy guys
Turn-offsnot sexy guys ;p
Are you :claustrophobicNooooo
Are you :kinkywouldn't you like to find out
Do you consider yourself :socialyup
:FantasiesI have one or two
Kind of people I likeKind people, people that know what they want
Three things, if alone on an islanda guy, something to start a fire with, and fishing gear
You should come visit me becauseI'm basically the coolest person you'll ever meet
Do you believe in :fate / :destinynot at all
Do you like :poetrynot when a guy writes it
Are you unforgivingno..I'm actually maybe a little to forgiving
Are you :jealouscan be
Are you :enviousnot usually
Your Habits
Bad :Habitshmmmm...I kinda procastinate at house work
Your Bedtimewhen I can no longer keep my eyes open
Your bad time of daymy days are usually pretty good, unless I get stuck in traffic
Do you :SmokeNope
Do you :CussF*CK no
Do you :Swearis that different then cussing??
Do you :Snoredon't think so
Favorite :houseworkFavorite???? Do you imply there is a part I enjoy?
Least Favorite houseworkProbably putting away the laundry
Do you like love bitingyum
Do you like to scarenot really
Your Most Overused :Phraselol....or smiley faces
Your looks
Hair Colorbrown
Hair Lengthmedium length
Hair Style / Texturestraight
:Ethnicitythe honkey white kind?
:Skin Tonewhite
Ring Sizeohhh...if I tell you will you buy me a ring????
:Piercingsjust my ears...I had others but have since taken them out
:Tattoosnot yet...haven't found the right one
Scars / Burns / Color Contactsno/no/no
:Amputationsuhhhhhh...that would be a negative
:Implantshave you seen these things??? I hardly need implants
Clothing stylepreppy maybe?
Color you never wearorange
You wouldn't be caught dead wearingorange
Hand Nailsgot me all ten of em
Foot Nailsgot me all ten of these to
Earringsrarely wear
Arm Jewellerynot usually
Hairclipswhen I get home from work
Shoesheals usually
Adidas, Nike, Puma or ReeboksAdidas
Jacketsusually don't wear
SunglassesLove them!!!!!!!
Spare Time
Thing to Do Alonehehehehehehehehehehe
Thing to Do With FriendsGo see movies, hang out, shoot some pool
Single or Group Datesprolly single
Thing to Do on VacationDisneyland!!!!!!!!!!!
ReadingJames Patterson
Perfect Partner
:Personalityoutgoing, funny, sarcastic, and dead sexy
How tall6'
Eyesblue or green
Hair Colorbrown
Short or Long Hairshort
Clothing Styleskater or preppy....mix of the two
Love & Relationships
How Far You've GoneLMAO
Whose Ring Do You Wearno ring
Past Assaultsummm none?
Do you believe in :love at first sightuhhhhh....I don't think so
Have you ever hooked up with a friendwho hasn't
Have you ever cried on their shoulderyes....I have great friends
Who would you switch places withI like my place....thankyou very much
Do you hang out with your friends a lotno....i do however work a lot
Where do you go togetherUsually someobdys house, or a bar
Do looks matterthey most certainly due....if someone says they don't, they are probably ugly
For love or moneylove =)
What you have done
Been Drunka time or two
Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sexmmmhmmmmmm
Kissed A Member Of The Same Sexxoxo
Crashed A Friend's Carno
Been To :Japanno
Been In A Taxiyes
Been On a Planeyes
Been Firedno
Snuck Out Of My Parent's Housenope
Played :Detectiveno
Had A Crush On A Teacherohh yes
Eaten :Sushiyummy! yes
Been :Snowboarding=-( no
Flashed Anyoneyah
Ever self-pierced any part of yourselfno..ouch!
Ever dyed your hairyah
Opinion about Religion & Spirituality
:Good / :EvilI'm a lil of both
:God / :GodsGod
What do you think about
:SexI think more people need to be having it....makes the world a safer place ;p
:Alcohollalalala....release your inhibitions.....
Kind of musicCountry, but I really like it all
:BandThird Eye Blind
What's in your CD player right nowa mix cd I made
Do you play an instrumentpiano, clarinet, and sax
Do you singyup
Have you ever been in a bandnope
Eat & Drink
Fruitstrawberries, peaches, raspberries
Salad dressingraspberry
Teacaramel vanilla
RelationI hope to have a relation in my future yes
Kidssomeday...someday far far far away
CountryUS of course
Time of day10:00PM
:Game System360
Perfume or cologneLacoste
Curse WordF***
:Emotionfeeling loved
Video GameI'd have to say Oblivion
In my bedroom, you'd finda pile of clothes
Do you like :roller coastersLOVE them
:Appendix or :tonsils removednope
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionMeeting new people

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