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House nameVenomous
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Best friendship with$*Da-Ice-Man* ģ 12/02/2007Anniversary Since more than 11 Years Best friendship with $*Da-Ice-Man*
InfoMy best friend there was, there is and there ever will be on here :)
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I can B bad to the bone, I drink alone, 1 bourbon/1 scotch/1 beer,born to B bad, just treat her right,U talk to much, Who do U LOVE? Me i love George Thorogood ha ha ha

If I come into your house get to know me before turning round and SAYING PLEASE DO NOT DISRESPECT "ME OR M********"DUH WHAT IS THAT?
"For heaven sake's if U knew me U would not say that as I am my self if U cannot handle it then no skin of me nose.

Remenber what one see's maybe is not what other see's....and communitcation is the key to understanding others meanings or action.

And just mayb U have'nt got the time to get to know me then thats your loss not mine.
And people can be so Judgemental that if U choose to come to conclusion about me so quickly my.opinion is that I dont want to know U.

And please if u got a problem with me come to me do not go behind me back come to me


Follow Me I'll show you the way
Do not question ME
Look up to Me
Be Proud of Me
Agree wiht Me
Listen to Me
Let us not forget your Princples
If it take me a life time
I will get all the s*****
No matter how many I have to pay for
For I am the Knight
Of all Knight's
This is My realm
So do not try and take over my Kingdom
I hold the power and dont U forget it
I have the money to Bribe with
But one thing the Knight forgot
Is that not every one is for SALE
What has become of this Knight
One has to wonder............................
Did the Knight become a King is this possible?
Also what has become of the Realm
Does anyone realy care?
Was this Knight final words spoken.

Below is Dedicated to the one I loved and still do yes we all have our moments i guess some days worse than other's.


You strike at any time, taking away things
That is important to others.

You donít care about the p*** you cause and the hurt you leave behind
You just keep on attacking, and attacking.

Destroying happy Families and Memories
With the Vision's you left behind and what you had done.

When you decide to leave and take what you came for
You leave behind
And more Tears

I try and forget the day you came and took away what was mine
But what you took can NEVER EVER be replaced
For you took the one I loved most
His Life.

Wipes away tears I cry.

© ® Blacky Aka = Chant

Dont know about you but I think it a very sad day when your so called buddie's decided to dislike you due to your buddy list.

I mean to say it even sadder when they once was friends with people that was on ya buddy list and they had a fallen out and then decide that U R not a good freind cause U mix with BAD people in there opinion. That they once was buddy with

My Question is what does that say to U about the person who is saying this?

My opinon is they are saying they themself's are BAD cause as they said U mix with BAD people. One has to ponder and wonder about there state of mind

I just think OMG another one bites the dust as no one is going to choose me buddies for me think I said enough now just wonders if it happens a great deal here I am sure it does.

So to these people who judges by one's Buddy list get to know a person for who they are not by who they mix with as it only show's
people how Narrow Minded U really are.

And not try to change people minds by there falling out I mean to say there a front and a back to everything , as for the middle there a whole lot more there.

"""P.S---- Removal of one person is so much easyer than the removal of two lmao keep smiling :-) """

To have fun U must first get a sence of HUMOUR Know what that is rofl)Some people bring out me best side
And donít forget to FLUSH b4 coming and using this programme
(Keep.A.Control.On.Those.Nerve's) LMAO

Yes I also went under the name of BlackWidow for awhile so what.

I do like to Flirt however if your the sort of person to take flirting as come on lets do it, then I suggest you stay away
from me. Flirting can be fun however there are some that do have Trusting issue's and if you are one of those also stay away from me
as I do not need your issue's put onto me, nor do I need people saying you should not do this and that.

So come be ya self. Just dont tel me what I should and should'nt do.

Ever had Itchy Feet? If so you need to get ya self a good SCRATCHER . *Smirks*

Albert Productions and SonyBMG Australia announces the worldwide release of "Black Ice," the long awaited new studio album from AC/DC, on Saturday, October 18.

"Black Ice," the first full-length studio album of all-new material from AC/DC since the release of "Stiff Upper Lip" in 2000, is the bandís debut album for Columbia Records, (New York Based label for SonyBMG) and their 18th for Australiaís Albert Productions
Great Album need a excellent sound system to Listen to it ....PUMP IT UP


Get a hold on those DEMONS.
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionI actually liuke the fact that u can move around and vist otherrs house and decorated ya own home this is the best not seen nothing like it b4 great programme

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