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House nameCamille's Cove
BirthdaySun 09/12/1954
64 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Virgo
Chinese signs Horse, Wood
Time01:38 PM-6 hours
CountryUnited States
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
By now, most of you have heard about and seen the first two Cammy dances. They were made
for me by Menske, who in my opinion is the most talented ACT maker in Rose. His attention to
detail is what makes his work so outstanding. Menske has done it again! A Pole Dancer that
actually twirls around the pole. The dance lasts about 3 minutes and is quite a hit. If you would
like this dance incorporated into an actor, please contact me. There is a charge of 5000 C's.

ALSO .... Menske has created a beautiful couples waltz. People have been asking for something
like this for years. It is a very romantic dance that couples will enjoy. Again, contact me if you
would like to have this dance incorporated into your actors for you and your special someone.
The cost is 10,000 C's.


I spend way too much time trying to figure out who Cammy is.
I have come to the conclusion that she is a nice blend of reality and fantasy.
Depending on my mood when I log into Rose, she can be a shameless vixen
or a sweet demure lady. Since I pay for the account, I get to choose the mood.

I love meeting people here in Rose and have made a few very nice friends.
The only people I have a problem with are the egotists. They spend far too much
time talking about themselves, when they could be admiring Cammy. :))

If you come to visit me, please be respectful.

My advice to anyone, (like you need my advice), is to enjoy your time in Rose.
Doesn't make sense to pay a monthly fee to be miserable.

I love easy listening music. Celine Dion being my favorite. Her songs,
Power of Love and Seduces Me are among my favorites.
Please read my 'Love Story".

He can only love her eternally, if she is free of the bonds that chain her soul to the Master
of Fear. He is a proud, arrogant, fearless Master who refuses to do battle with this illusive being to
which she clings. As he leaves her, he demands that she rid herself of this demon. When he
returns, he expects to find her with a pure heart and a d****ion to only him.

She watches, as the man she yearns to love completely, sails toward the stormy sea.
She has accepted the knowledge he will visit foreign ports, pleasuring in what can only be a pathetic
momentary reminder of her passion. She wonders if and when his eyes and heart will be captured
by one more beautiful and less haunted. Jealousy sears her soul.

She dismisses her staff, sends them away from the castle grounds. Those with loose
tongues need not witness her misery. Sleep eludes her. Thoughts of him invade her night. Finally
she succumbs. In her restless tormented dream, she hears him whisper her name, “Camillee”……
He comes to her, bearing gifts of the finest threads to be woven into endless robes, adorning her
body with the richest of velvets and silk. Yet it is her nakedness that he desires. She sits beside
his empty throne, hers a smaller version, gesturing for him to take his place beside her. He gives
his seat a passing glance, and ignores her plea. She realizes she is left with only the riches of his
kingdom. He holds no malice towards her, just the disparaging knowledge that this seemingly
powerful woman depends upon his approval, even more than the lowliest of chambermaids, to
validate her self worth.

She awakens. Yet, reality is only second to the memories of the radiance in his eyes as
he gazed upon her beauty so many years ago. She is alone in the most beautiful place in all
creation, surrounded by majestic mountains and lush vineyards. She walks the corridors of this
desolate castle searching for the key to the Chamber her anguished heart fears to enter. Her soul
longs for peace.

The air is heavy with sorrow, and tears her constant companion. She pauses to gaze
through an open window at the gardens below, littered with the graves (in the absence of h*********),
of those determined to quench her desires, but sadly unable to penetrate even the surface of her
miserable existence. She looks to the heavens for guidance, not expecting answers, but taking
herself through this childhood ritual for lack of anything else to do.

She turns and continues her journey in the direction of her bedchamber. As she walks
through the damp mist, she stumbles and falls against the cold wet stone of the castle wall. As she
tries to stand, her legs weak, her frail body falls once again in a heap of despair. She calls out to
the servants, and remembers she sent them away in order to be alone with her thoughts. Her tiny
fingers claw at the slippery stone, to no avail. The night is so cold as she realizes there is no one to
save her. Her mind dazed, she recalls her dream, asking h********* to sit beside her. She calls
out his name, “Menske, my beloved.” There is silence.

In the attempt to save herself, she sets aside her fears. Her swollen hand reaches,
for this last time, in an attempt to stand. She feels something strangely different from the rough wet
texture of the carved rock. She raises her head and sees a massive gold ring with ornate keys
etched into the surface. She grabs hold, clinging to the ring, and is effortlessly lifted to her feet.

She stumbles into her bedchamber, her body weak but her spirit renewed. She opens the shutters
and commands the Master of Fear to rid himself of her home. A sudden surge of wind wisps
through the castle, passing through the bedchamber window and down the steep mountainside,
past the garden of lost loves. Fires of Joy erupt and can be seen above the surrounding hilltops
and far out to sea.

On the deck of the Ursa Mitis, the Master sees the flames, and understanding fills his
heart. He orders the fleet to homeport. He is ready to take his place beside her in the
Room of Scarlet Thrones.

He finds her there, waiting. No words are necessary. She stares into his clear blue
eyes and finally sees what he has told her was there from the beginning. She accepts him as her
one and only Master.

Finally, he speaks, ever so softly. “You no longer need Masters of any design. But, if it is
your desire, I can and will be whatever you need. You are free now, and your freedom has lifted
the c***** from my heart also. We can “be” now, free to love eternally. He reaches into his vest
and presents her with a symbol of his undying love. A solid gold ring, etched with tiny ornate keys.
The keys to his heart and soul, to their happiness.
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionI really enjoy Rose! What I like best is the act making. I personally
do not make acts, but I love designing clothes. I do it the old fashioned
way, pencil and paper. I e-mail them to a very dear friend, Menske, and
the next thing I know, my friend has made my drawings come to life on
my personal actor, also created by Menske in Rose.

It is very nice to meet with friends in Rose. To sit around and chat, or
to play a game. So much talent in Rose!

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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