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AuroraSkye of A Friendly Place to Chat

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Helpful: 30 bonus pointsAnniversary: 07/15/20063D designer

House nameA Friendly Place to Chat
BirthdayFri 06/14/1957
61 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Gemini
Chinese signs Rooster, Fire
Time06:06 AM-9 hours
CountryUnited States
CityLake Oswego Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code 97035 Google Earth Google Maps :Lake Oswego, County :Clackamas, State :Oregon
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
I am an artist and I live in the great northwest (USA). I do portraits of people and animals in pen and ink,
pencil, and/or acrylic, mixed media. I do beadwork and computer graphics as well. My fractals
make lovely "paintings" or "wallpapers" for your homes in this program.

I love lightning and thunder storms, and RAIN. I adore dramatic weather! I am a very passionate person.
I love animals, especially felines of all kinds. Astronomy excites me -- I love to gaze at the stars, especially
with a male companion. I also love to walk in the rain. :-) I once saw a total solar eclipse and it was
spectacular! I would love to travel and see another one. I love to travel and meet exciting new people.
Someday I would love to visit the British Isles.

I try to stay healthy in body, mind and soul. I am also a firm believer in judging a person by their soul,
personality rather than their looks. I hope to find like-minded people here -- both as friends and as
potential lovers/soul-mates. If your interests match or are close to mine -- stop by my abode and say
Hello! :-)
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