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Aurian of Aurian's Abode

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RichAnniversary: 04/07/2004

House nameAurian's Abode
BirthdayMon 08/26/1974
44 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Leo/Virgo
Chinese signs Tiger, Wood
Time05:51 AM-7 hours
CountryUnited States
CityThe Panhandle Google Earth Google Maps
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionI love being able to do so many diferent things with my rooms.
Having so much variety when making my actor is wonderful.(i have not seen two people look the same)
There so many diferent ways to comunicate, it is easy to interact with friends and meet new people.
Although i have only been a member for a week, I have found the community to be wonderful and suportive of each other.
I am enjoying Roomancer very much! I am always looking forward to what is next around the corner.

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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