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my soul, body, mind, heart, and my spirit belongs to the only man
I love. only he has the right to me. I willingly gave my soul all
of me, and he is m******** in all ways, he as well gave me his
love, body, soul, heart, mind and his spirit

I dedicate this poem to my love TopAs II

Moon so bright

As the wind blows all through the night
on a full moon that's lit so bright, the sounds
of an owl on a near by tree holding you as you
hold me, as the moon dances and reflects off the lake
it is next to you were I want to wake, as the grass
sways to and fro it is the love that makes things glow
and grow, lets take our time to love all through the
night under the stars and the moon so bright.

My love with eyes so brown you are my king that wears the golden crown,
with lips so soft and warm to the touch loveing you so very much.
holding you so very tight this my love feels so right, as the candles flickers
and burns and reflects up on the wall hear me darling hear my voice as I call.
as were holding hands and walking through the park staying untill dusk dark,
feeling of the cool winds blow how our love continues to grow. as our eyes meet
and lock in place I stand warped in your arms all dressed in satin silk
and lace, as we make love making it last oh how you make my heart beat fast...


when your feeling lost sad and blue close your eyes and think of me as
I am thinking of you, when you feel p*** deep within your heart,
make a wish up on the star tonight wishing that our love will never
part. when you feel that you need to run, think again
for we can make some fun. when you feel that I do not love you,
oh baby that is not true. when you feel that you have lost everything,
close your eyes and listen to your guardian angel sing. listen to my
voice my darling love, listen closely as I am sent from above.
we belong together you and I my love so true and it will not die.
if we toss our love like it was litter, then that goes to show how
we where so cold and bitter. you know as we got married on that
special day, its because our love was meant that way. there is not
a day go by, fearing of loosing you makes me cry. we been
through so much from happy funny and p***,
but still we have so much to gain. you are my one true love
and I will not let go, we need to stop and think fight the bad
and let our love grow, I end this poem with lots ok tlc,
remember my darling our love is real and is meant to be...


you are my soul inspiration, you are my love you are the eagles
that soars above, you are my light to see you are the one was
meant for me, you are the one who made me laugh so much
you are the one who my heart did touch, you are the one
that showed me the way you are the one where my love will stay,
so I give my self to you to hold love and treasure for our souls
to pleasure... I love you so much its so true you were
meant for me as for I was meant for you...

you are the wind beneath my wings, you are the songs the angels
sing, you are my love and desire you always light my fire, you are
the stars from up above you are forever my true love,
you are the kiss of life but pierce my soul like a knife,
you take my breath away for I know you are my love
and it will for ever stay. and when I die you will have a
crystal tear from my eye, as you hold on to the tear close
to you you will hear my voice as I softly say I love you.
your the flowers as they bloom in the spring you are my everything..


These poems are dedicate to me from my love TopAs II

You are my one and only love and I know our love will never die
I was stupid some time ago, I cannot denie
but I will never let you go, because I love you my oh my.

The next poem :) for me from my baby:

You are the sunshine of my life,
you are the moon and the stars.
I hope you gonna be my wife
and we go together in bars.
I wish that you gonna make my day,
and that you will forever stay,
when I am with you all night,
it makes my light shine bright.

You are my water to drink,
I love you more than you think.
You are the air that I breath,
make love with me tonite, please.
You are my one and only true love,
more to me than the stars above.
You are my sunshine and my light,
I look up to you in your eyes so bright.
You are all I need,
come to me with speed.
You are the love of my life
I want you to be my wife
as i want to be your man
I will all do I can.
Showing you the power of love
looking to the stars up above
but when only one is giveing
then the love starts weaking.
Telling you that I love only you
but you might think boo boo.
I love sitting in the candlelight
or watching the stars so bright
but all stars are fading behind you
because there is more than goo goo,
the love took me so far
much more than to a bar.
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