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House nameRose Cottage
BirthdayMon 05/01/1978
40 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Taurus
Chinese signs Horse, Earth
Time06:54 PM-1 hour
CountryUnited Kingdom
CityDont live in one Google Earth Google Maps
School or CompanyLeft school years ago.
TitleWont let me put it.
Interests and Portrayal

My Favourite hobby is living my life the way i do. After that, i love horseriding, swimming, travel, and many many other things.
Having fun and enjoying myself here in moove, being just a small example.

There are some of my Rooms that need you to install the room plan file . (ROM). If You ask me (i'm usually found around my Club)
i have them and will give You them, If You don't install them the room will reject You. My apologies if that happens.

Thank Y/you all for You patience......

:Nickname in Real Life /First Namesusan
BirthplaceOxford, England (The City Of Sleepy Spires)
:Left handedNo, i'm Righthanded.
:Blood Typei don't know, but red and it runs hot
:RaceEnglish, white
FamilyTwo, a Boy and a Girl, but i have never had children myself
PetsIt's gone up to 3 and 2 ponies
:Social statusY/you will have to ask me and it depends on how well i know You.
:Social classNormal, averaged class. Nothing outstanding.
Mental StatusGood, i believe, but that may not be E/everybodies opinion. *smiles*
:IQAbove average
:AllergiesNone i know of
:Chronic DiseasesNone
My :personality isGood i'm told. Always happy, fun and cheerfull, i don't suffer moods either.
Have been happy with myselfYes and with my life too, i don't have a moments regret of my present life,
See the good sides of thingsAlways.Is there any other?
One Thing You'd Change About YourselfOnly things in my past. But thats gone for ever thankfully.
Thing You Love Most About YourselfBeing me. The way i see & treat people, the life i lead and everything about it
How You Feel Looking in the MirrorVery good. i like what i see and don't feel i want to change anything.
How Others See Youi'm attractive, good and enjoyable company. i don't get many complaints *smiles*
Makes Me HappyMy life and what i am. Enjoying my self and having good times.
Makes Me SadAbuse of any discription.
Makes Me HotY/you will have to find out, im not making it that easy for Y/you, *grinzzzz*
Your Weaknessi care too much about people i think, Oh and my typing and spelling.. *grinzzz*
Your :Fearsi have some but try to avoide them, i only tell good friends what they are.
Always worryi don't worry. If i can do something about something, i do it, if not why worry
Thoughts First Waking UpBrilliant, another great day to enjoy and savour. What excitement will it bring?
Are you a Health FreakNot in any way, & never will be. i'm never ill with how i live now, why change
Do you get Motion SicknessNo and never have. i have travelled a great deal too in all forms of transport
Do you believe in yourselfYes now with help i am confidence in myself, but that was not always the case.
Ever been called a :TeaseYes, frequently, but i never try to. Its usualy them teasing them selves
Do you make fun of peopleNo, never or anybody. Why would anybody want to that? Its cruel
I believe inPoliteness and respect to A/all, good manners, truth and honesty in everything
I am different ini may live differently to Y/you but i'm a friendly human being, that the same
I am :passionate aboutMy life and how i live it. i love what i am, how i live and my new family.
Personality :Virtuesi am reliable, truthfull and faithfull, i enjoy company and most things too WEG.
Personality :Vicesmmmmm Now that would be telling *smiles* there isn't enough space here either.
Special TalentEErrrr that would be incriminating but i have quite a few. All good ones too
:AmbitionsTo be the best in everything i ever do, and never to stop learning new things.
:IntentionsTo succeed in the above, and make my self better while still enjoying my life.
I'm open to also dommmmmm Well who knows what may turn up. You have to experiment to know too
LikesLife & living it. Includes everything in connection with it. People as well.
DislikesFakes in anything.
Turn-onsThat would give too far to much away. im not making it easy for you.
Turn-offsVery little, i dont like un-hygienic
Are you :claustrophobicNo and i have been in many poaitions to push it to the limit.
Are you :kinkygiggles.... some would say that. Most that know me say
Do you consider yourself :socialYes, very much, i mix well, join in, love enjoying myself & helping others to.
:MottoTo do and be the best i can. Also, never say never
:DreamsThat life never goes backwards. Also that I never grow up.
:Fantasiesmmmmm that gives too much away too. i wiill just say Yes and let you guess
Kind of people I likeFriendly, and not rude. That are good fun and remember in a big girl now. smiles
I am searchingFor conversation, making friends etc. i like enjoy myself in the process & learn
Wish listi don't really have one that im going to put on here .
:Lifestyleeeerrrrrr i'll just say its a little different than most, but hugely enjoyable
My Hangoutsi don't have any, unles you count home. Everything i need is here i guess
Best things I learned from my parentsTo be honest and truthfull
Three things I can't live withoutThe 3 people in my life. 2 being children and the other is My Guardian Angel
Three things, if alone on an islandMy journal, one of my horses & i will keep that to myself & let Y/you guess
You should come visit me becauseim cood compamy i hope, enteraining too, there are some others. *grinzzz
Do you believe in :fate / :destinyYes, very much so. My life was changed because of it.
Do you like :poetrySome, but its not high on my list.
Are you unforgivingNo, more the opposite. i tolarate a great deal and see the best in E/everybody
Are you :jealousNo, not one bit. It's not in my nature. I love and prefer to give than recieve.
Are you :enviousNo, i don't have any reason to be. I always want the best for people
Your Most Missed MemoryYesterday. Every day i have a great day & hope this one will be that bit better
Most Influential PersonMy *very special friend, My Guardian Angel *
Most Loving Personditto
Most Loved Personditto
Your Habits
Bad :HabitsIsn't bad good then? If so i have loads.
Your Bedtimegiggles. when ever it comes, and that can be any time.
Your bad time of dayi don't have a bad time of any day, they are all about the same to me. Great.
Do you :SmokeNo
Do you :CussNot unless ordered to. *smiles*
Do you :Swearditto
Do you :SnoreNo.
Body :HygieneExcellent, i take very good care of my self.
Favorite :houseworkCleaning my kitchen. The only room that you see such great results.
Least Favorite houseworkIroning. I avoid it like the plague
Do you like love biting*smiles* Yes.... but i wont enlarge on that
Do you like to scareNo. i wouldn't know how to
Your Most Overused :PhraseYes and thank Y/you.
Car drivingYes and I love it. Driving too *smiles*
Your looks
Good Lookingi'm told i'm attractive
Best Physical FeatureMy over all apearance. That depends on ones likes and dislikes, again i'm told.
Body typeslim, not overweight, and reasonably toned. i am told i look younger than my age
Body MeasurementsFor me to know and maybe Y/you to find out. i'm in good proportion. *smiles*
Height5 foot 6 1/2 inches... in stocking feet (a very rare ossurance)
Weight115/120 pounds.
Shoe sizeEnglish size 7
Hair ColorNatural blond
Hair LengthJust over snoulder length at the moment
Hair Style / TextureStraight, flicked up and in, at the ends with a left hand parting. Soft & silky
EyesPale blue.
:Ethnicityi don't really know what that means
:Skin ToneSoft palish amd smooth
:Glove Sizemedium to small
Shirt Sizei havent looked lately, probably average *smiles*i don't wear them either.
Pants SizeDitto
Dress SizeDepending on the design 8 ish
Ring Sizei domt know. never been measured.
Face ShapeOval, thats the best i can do
:BracesNo not any more. i did when i was young.
:PiercingsOnly ears for earings. one in each.
Scars / Burns / Color Contactsi have some
:Implants*smiles* None. All naturally me.
Physical DisabilitiesNone.
Clothing styleDepends, i dress for the occasion or what i'm to to, but always smart i'm told
What do you usually wearSkirts or dresses mainly, but read above.
Your everyday make upHardly any normaly.
Clothing highlightMany and varied. i think i can look in most things.
Make up highlightNone really, my face has sensitive skin. only use unsented and natural products
Clothing Brandi don't have a favourite, just what is good and looks good.
Where do you shopAnywhere and anytime i get the the chance & what i want. From NY to London.
ColorsBlue, white, black and red suit me i'm told and mmmmmmm leather, oh the smell
Color you never weargreen, unles that leather.
You wouldn't be caught dead wearingi don't get that choice *smiles.
Hand NailsManicured regularly, coloured to match the outfit
Foot NailsPedicured regularly and again coloured when needed.
Arm JewelleryBracelets.
NecklacesOne special one that i wear continualy. then anything that goes with it.
AnkletsSometimes. Usualy gold ones.
RingsOne special meaning one. Not usualy anything else full time. Dress rings at time
HairclipsNo. i hate tham
ChainsYes mmmm.
WatchYes , on my left wrist
HatsNot very often. If i do its a baseball cap or a western cowboy type.
SocksStockings mainly, i wear ancle socks with trainers
ShoesMainly Pumps with heels. i love wearing heeled thigh high boots too
How many pairs of shoesNever counted, but lots
Adidas, Nike, Puma or ReeboksNo favourites, what ever fit and feel best
JacketsYes, i have loads
Undergarments*Smiles* Usualy (crosses fingers) i love corsets and pretty feminine things.
SwimsuitYes, but a one piece one only.
Sunglassesmmmm This is England *smiles* On the odd days there needed, but always when need
Best Model (female)i don't have one
Best Model (male)ditto. Why want something you can't have
Spare Time
Thing to Do AloneRide my horse, the rest well mmmmmmm
Thing to Do With FriendsRiding, having fun and enjoying myself. Parties, meals, anything active. *smile*
Single or Group DatesIm not bothered, no favourite. Depends on the company
Thing to Do in the EveningHave enjoyment in what ever way that's available to me.
Thing to Do at the Weekendditto but more of it, i love weekends.
Thing to Do on Vacationi usualy go to the USA and tour round a base area.
Searching for holiday partnerNever had one . i take things as they come and develope.
ReadingNot a lot lately, i have been too busy enjoying myself.
PCi spend a lot of time on my PC and laptop. I work from the as well.
InternetYes, i again spend a lot of time, mainly on IM with friends or even not friends
TVVery rearly. Never have time
Go outWhen ever i get the chance.
moove online
How did u joini was invited to by a male friend
Why did u joini was curious, never seen anything like it, didn't know what to expect
Favorite parti now enjoy all equaly, it is great fun now i have found my way about.
I am looking forEnjoying my time and making friends.
Aim in :moove onlineEnjoyment, meeting new people and getting to know them better.
Best ways, days and times for contactNone really, i I could be on line any time and aleays welcome contact.
Perfect Partner
:PersonalityGood and enjoyable company, who is imaginitave and makes me feel good.
How tallHeight and age are not important to me. as long as they are taller than me
Body typeNot any in particular. Its the person that matters.
EyesNo preference
Hair ColorThat not important at all
Short or Long HairWhat ever they come with, there are more important things than that.
Clothing StyleNot bothered, there are just two types, with or without, seen thme both.
Love & Relationships
Availablemmmmmmmm No comment other than to get to know people. (Not available in R/L)
I am looking fori'm not looking, i never have, life is too short not to enjoy what is available
Till then I am looking forWhat ever. i'll chat and enjoytime with anybody.
Preferencesi don't really have any, but they have to speak english and be a strong person
FantasyMany, and very varied like my preferences.
Matemmmmmmmm Only My Husband in R/L
Mate's Agemmmmmmmm age is just a number.
Been In LoveYes, once and still am
Been DumpedYes.
Number of Past RelationshipsWhat is a relationship? Not many using my definition
Number of Datesi have never kept count.
How Far You've Goneeeeerrrrrr i don't carry a tape measure
First DateThe movies at 12 * giggles*
First :Kissditto
End of your last RelationshipA very long time ago
Whose Ring Do You Weari don't wear anybodies in here. R/L proudly, my My Husbands
AdmirersWho ever knows that? *smiles*
Oldest DateLate 50's
Youngest Dateserious one. 20's
Most :Embarrassing DateYou would never believe me if i told Y/you *smiles* But it was OMG times 10 over
:Blind DatesNever had one. Only blind folded ones, there much more fun
Past Assaultsi have never assaulted A/anybody. Not yet
Favorite Outlet for DesireThe way i live my life provides that perfectly.
Do you believe in :love at first sighti'm not sure. Now lust at first sight, that i believe in
What do you look for in othersTruthfullness, faithfullness and honesty
Have you ever hooked up with a friendmmmmm No comment really, i surpose they have to be a friend to hook up to.
Have you ever cried on their shoulderYes.
Who would you switch places withN/nobody, im happy as i am, and what i am
Who are you :jealous ofN/nobody, i don't see anybody that has anything that i can add
Clique or categorymmmmmmm Not sure how to answer that
Do you hang out with your friends a lotNo, just the ones that are similar to my way of thinking.
Where do you go togetherMeals, parties, anything thats active and if enjoyable and what ever crops up
Do you love your spouseYes and very deeply
Do looks matterNo not at all, its the person that matters.
Did you ever change yourself to fit inNo... As i take people for what they are, if they don't like me , well its me
For love or moneyLove affection and emotion. Money is bottom of my list
What you have done
Been Drunk*smiles* Yes but not lately, ive been well controled.
Drugsnever and never will
Kissed A Member Of The Opposite SexHell yes, it what can start things off. Haven't we all?
Kissed A Member Of The Same Sexyes, why not
Crashed A Friend's CarYes. well X friends now
Been To :JapanYes and loved it
Been In A TaxiYes
Been On a PlaneYes, i'm not a good swimer
Been FiredNo always left before, never gave them the chance, that includes school.
Been In A Fist FightNo
Snuck Out Of My Parent's HouseYes and wished i hadn't
Been Tied Up*smiles* yes, errrr I think so
Played :DetectiveNo
Stolen SomethingNo.
Gone On A :Blind DateNo, as i said earlier, blind folded ones are more fun
Lied To A FriendNot since school
Had A Crush On A TeacherNo. i wasen't at school long enough *smiles*
Hurt Myself On PurposeNever
Eaten :SushiYes
Been :SnowboardingNo, i like my legs and arms unbroken
Flashed Anyoneeeeeeeeerrrrrrr no comment again
Ever self-pierced any part of yourselfNo
Ever dyed your hairRegretably, yes. Just once and never ever again.
Things in my Past I (Will) RegretFar too many to count or want to remember
Most moving momentThats a private one, very private
Most humbling momentas its that too.
Family & Friends
MotherNo, she's dead
FatherYes. Alive and kicking
SistersHad one but not now.
Brothersnever has one
Auntsa few
Unclesa few
Favorite Family MemberMy Husband
Deceased FamilyMy Mum and my sister
Famous AncestorsNo, i would have been disowned by them if i had.
My lovesMy life and how I chose to live it
Best FriendYes
Close Friendsi have some very close friends of both sexes.
AcquaintancesYes. loads, and hope to meet more here.
First Friendi don't remember
Newest FriendWell found some acquaintances on here
Oldest FriendOne
Youngest Friend52 ( as a friend, but younger as acquaintances)
Childhood FriendsNot now
Friends You DatedNo
Disconnected FriendsYes
Deceased FriendsYes
Most Trusted PersonAgain My Husband
Most Caring Personsame one
Prettiest Friendamanda, karen a list of them
Neighbor Friendsno
Neighbor Enemiesno, the nearest is over half a mile away. i cant shout that loud.
Opinion about Religion & Spirituality
:Good / :EvilIs good bad or is bad good, depends on how you look at it
:God / :GodsDon't have one. i stopped believing in a god a longtime a go.
Main :MoralBeing honest and faithfull
:Otherkin StatusNo comments
:Astral Form AppearanceDon't nderstand that
Innate Powersi'm not sure they can be called that *smiles*
:AfterlifeWho is worried. i intend to be here for a long time yet
:Rebirthi will if it happens. i don't think they will alow me back. *smiles*
:SymbolsTheres only one i believe in and respect
:ElementOxyegen is good.
:AngelsOnly at Christmas on the Christmas tree.
:Prayi have said a few in my time. only one has ever answered though *smiles*
:Churchi go for the usual, christenings, marrages and funerals.
:Jesus ChristN/C
:Mary, the mother of JesusN/C
:Lao TseN/C
:Dalai LamaN/C
What do you think about
:SexSilly question
:Drugsi hate them
:GunsDown to personal choice
:AlcoholWithin reason its good
:Politicsi dont comment on them
:GovernmentRubbish Oh i just made a comment, I need to change the last answer
:Big Bang TheoryNow wouldn't that be nice hehehehhe
:RomanceLove it
True :WitchcraftDown to personal choice
Medical :MarijuanaIts a drug, see above
:AbortionIt has its place in my opinion
In A Perfect Worldgiggles. Now that really is fantasy
Kind of musicMost real musoc
Least Favoriterap etc
Solo :Artistnone
:Singer, maleNone
Singer, femalenone
Vocal Songmany
Instrumental Songmany
Old Songmany
Music VideoN/C
Musical InstrumentKeyboards
Music stationNone
:ConcertsSome have been good.
How many CD's do you haveHundreds
Last CD you boughtcant think at the moment
What's in your CD player right nowNothing, the radio is on
Do you download musicNo
Do you play an instrumentNot seriously
Do you singYes, but not lately seriously
Have you ever been in a bandYes
Kind of moviesNo preference
Least FavoriteSi-fi
:MovieDon't know too many
Recent MovieHaven't been lately, *smiles* better things to do
TV ShowDon't watch much
:SitcomHate them
:Soap operaThem too
Game ShowDon't watch them
Old ShowHavent got one
Kids' ShowI dont have one
Fantasy SeriesDon't have a clue
Reality ShowDon't watch them
Movie :ActorNo ome
Movie ActressNor that
TV ActorDitto
TV Actressditto
Eat & Drink
Kind of foodSteak, lamb amd chicken
Least FavoriteCrab
FoodYes i eat, it stops me getting hungry
MealT'bone steak
Ice Cream Flavorany and all
RestaurantA few but not one definate
Fast foodKFC
CandyKit Kat
:DelicacyCant thnk, Oh, Double Chocolate Devil cakes.
SnackCheese on toast
Salad dressingMayonaise
SchoolsN/ interfeared with fun and pleasure so i gave it up
Club / SocietyN/C
I Participate InGrinzzzz. Non olympic one
I WatchMost
Kind ofN/C on this section at all
Least FavoriteAny one i don't like
:Poetmmmmmmmmmmm No top of my hit parade
:Poemmmmmmm Its not repeatably
BookNone that you have heard of
Book Characterdepends on the mood
Animal StarET (if he is an amimal)
Cartoon Characterthunderbirds
:Animei don't know her, i will look her up though
Anime CharacterIf she is that good, i have to chat to her
:MangaOh of course.(scratches head, whats that)
MagazineYes, good for lighting a bonfire.
Latest NewsI got married
:Cinemahaven't beem lately
:Church attendanceTo get married in.
Family celebrationWedding ( heheheh mine)
:DiscoA great one at Christmas. It was a sort of combined one heheheheh
:Affairgiggles Well, Isn't marrage like that really. mine is
Good ActYesterday
:Courage SampleN/C
RelationWho Know what the future brings. Lost my crystal ball last week
Kidsi can't have them (But no more than the two I have by adoption)
HomeLive in it *smiles*
Petsi love my horses.
Goal To Achieve This YearLearn something or experience something new most days.
Greatest wishi hadn't started doing this. hehehehe
What do you want to beWhat i am, but better
What do you want to leave behindThis questionaire...*smiles* and the past
If I had a million $Who knows.... i might have it already
How do you want to DieN/C ........ They say only the good die young, i will nodoubt live forever
WebsiteThe one i happen to be on
:QuoteThe difficult i do immediatly, miricals take a bit longer
StoreAny and all Cloth shops. Any where too. (have purse, will travel)
Place to beHere (at home I mean)
Place to chillHere
Place to visitLas Vegas
Time of dayAll of it
HolidayUSA and anywhere in the world
Shapei don't know (can i put them male's shape?) well You asked.
Girl's namesusan, well what else could it be *smiles*
Boy's nameGary
WordToo many to list but a 3 letter one , starts with s is high on the list
:RPGA fake one
:Game SystemPC
Type of family game to playAny
Perfume or cologneChannel
ToothpasteWho cares? But i always carry it, you never know when its needed.
IdolsMy Husband. (soulmate & friend)
:Art WorkN/C
:PhotographerRichard Cooke
:SmellBaking bread & coffee plus one other hehehhe
:Soundmmmmmm Not saying
:Texturemmmmmmmm That too
:FlowerRed Rose
:StoneSaphire & diamonds.
:FaerieThe sex one (Hate the keyboard one)
:Symbolmmmmmmmm Not saying
:Fairy taleDont have one, unless you count my own
Electronic DeviceGiggles.... mmmmmmmmmm
Manual Devicegiggles again
Kind of HouseMine
Art MediumN/C
Curse Wordgiggles... Guess
Lie / ExcuseDon't have one
:Ancient Culturemmmmmmmmmm
:ClimateHot & dry
WeatherHot and dry
:EmotionWhat do you think? *smiles*
Time PeriodHere and now, the others are not reality
Video GameNone
:QuoteSee above
:GiftOh hell, thats easy, Diomonds are still a girls friend
Vacation spotThe Rocky Mountains, Col
:Night Club / :BarNone
Possession / ThingMy Neckless.
What's on your desktop4PC's, printer software programs and my favourite thng ....giggles.
My bedroom is decorated likeBedroom would you believe. Hot and sexy too
In my bedroom, you'd findOMG..... even you would blush
Do you like :roller coastersYes
:Appendix or :tonsils removedNeither
Dream carFerrari Testerossa
Type of car you drive nowThat and an Audi R8 Spyder
What was your first carLotus
Home ExchangeDont understand the queation, But Huuuuuuuuuuurayyyyyyyyyyy Finished
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