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House nameshyone
BirthdayTue 11/16/1954
64 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Chinese signs Horse, Wood
Time09:31 AM-7 hours
CountryUnited States
CityTulsa Google Earth Google Maps
Best friendship with*LeatherxNxLace*  09/28/2009Anniversary Since more than 9 Years Best friendship with *LeatherxNxLace*
In MemoriamRIP
:Nickname in Real Life /First NameBob
BirthplaceSutters Fort (maturnity)
:Left handedyep have one
:Blood TypeB+
PetsDalmatian-yep the spotty dogs
:Social statusSocial-Shy Status ?
:Social classOne of a kind
:Religionme and my God
Mental Statusam or pm
:IQ9th and 17th letters
:Allergiesgreen tumble weeds and mondays
:Chronic Diseasesnone..I hope
My :personality isVery faithful to friends, shy and a bit of a recluse
Have been happy with myself95%
See the good sides of thingsmost times
One Thing You'd Change About Yourselfyou decide
Thing You Love Most About YourselfFaith in people
How You Feel Looking in the Mirrorunclothed
How Others See Youin the mirror??
Makes Me HappyLove, Peace
Makes Me Sadopposite of happy
Makes Me Hotshe already knows
Your Weaknessshares feelings and thoughts
Your :Fearsletting people down
Thoughts First Waking Upbathroom
Are you a Health Freakno
Do you get Motion Sicknessno
Do you believe in yourselfpretty much
Ever been called a :Teaseyes
Do you make fun of peopletry not to
I believe inSanta Claus...explains a lot of things
I am different inloyalty to others, feeling other emotions
I am :passionate aboutLove
Personality :Virtuessee all above, I think
Personality :Viceshehe!!!
Special Talentfind out
:Ambitionspersonal growth
:Intentionssame as above
I'm open to also doAsk
Likesmountains, ocean and romance
Dislikestrash, graffiti and lack of respect
Turn-onsnatures beauty, honesty and open mind
Turn-offsloud people
Are you :claustrophobicdon't know anymore
Are you :kinkydepends on your definition
Do you consider yourself :socialOnce I meet you
:Mottotry and think of others first
:Dreamsask me n I might enter yours
:Fantasiesask me
Kind of people I likemost
I am searchinginter peace
Wish listtoo long
:Lifestyleold fashioned
My Hangoutshome
Best things I learned from my parentshonesty, love, hard work
Three things I can't live withoutLove, feelings, smiles
Three things, if alone on an islandpocket knife, ball named Wilson, endless supply of books
You should come visit me becauseyou wanted to
Do you believe in :fate / :destinyeither
Do you like :poetryyes...smiple
Are you unforgivingif pushed to far
Are you :jealouscan be yes
Are you :enviousaren't we all at some time??
Most Influential Personmany....
Most Loving Personseveral
Most Loved Personseveral
Your Habits
Bad :Habitsstill smoke
Your Bedtimeearly...get up at 4am
Your bad time of daymid afternoon (get tired)
Do you :Smokeyes
Do you :Cussyes
Do you :Swearyes
Do you :Snoreno
Body :HygieneLove shower
Favorite :houseworkfinished
Least Favorite houseworkstarting
Do you like love bitingLove bites-yes
Do you like to scarelittle ones
Your Most Overused :Phraseyepper
Car drivingto work
Your looks
Good Lookingnormal
Best Physical Featurehave all my parts still
Body typeaverage
Body Measurementsslim but not skinny
Hair Colorblonde/gray
Hair Lengthmedium
Hair Style / Texturewind blown normally
:Skin Tonedoesn't fall off the bone yet
:Tattoosyes and no
Scars / Burns / Color Contactsscars...earned them
Physical Disabilitiesno
Clothing styleblue jeans/t-shirt
Clothing highlightgetting it put on
Clothing Brandwhatever
Where do you shopsales
Colorsdon't matter
Color you never wearsame
You wouldn't be caught dead wearingwon't matter then
Hand Nailsonce from a nailgun
Sockshope they match
How many pairs of shoesthat match??
Adidas, Nike, Puma or Reeboksworn out
Jacketswhen cold
Undergarmentsmost of the time
Spare Time
Thing to Do Aloneread.....and can't say here
Thing to Do With Friendschat
Single or Group Datesnope
Thing to Do in the Eveningtv, internet, model railroading
Thing to Do at the WeekendHoney Do List
Thing to Do on VacationWould Love to go to DisneyWorld
Searching for holiday partnerno...but friends are always invited
Readingpretty much anything
Go outnot much
moove online
How did u joinGood friend
Why did u joincurious
Favorite partmeeting new ppl, creating n learning skills
I am looking forchat, friendships
Aim in :moove onlinehelp overcome shyness
Love & Relationships
Mate's Ageshe says 29 every year
Been In Loveof course
Been Dumpedyes
Number of Past Relationshipsa few
Number of Datesa few
How Far You've Gonehave
First Datejr high
First :Kissright after my birth (Mom & Dad)
End of your last Relationship18 yrs ago
Whose Ring Do You Wearnone...on my key ring
Admirershope so
Oldest Datecurrent
Youngest Datenot sure
Most :Embarrassing Dateshe bit my tongue n slipped in a
:Blind Datescouple of times
Past Assaultsnot lately
Favorite Outlet for Desireahhh...... :)
Do you believe in :love at first sightyes
What do you look for in othershonesty, intellegence, humor and compassion
Have you ever hooked up with a friendyes
Have you ever cried on their shoulderyes
Who would you switch places withno one
Do you hang out with your friends a lotno
Do looks matterno
Did you ever change yourself to fit inmaybe clothes
For love or moneyLOVE
What you have done
Been Drunkyes
Drugsyes recreational
Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sexyes
Kissed A Member Of The Same Sexfriendship yes
Crashed A Friend's Carno
Been To :Japanno
Been In A Taxiyes, but never in the USA
Been On a Planeyes
Been Firedyes
Been In A Fist Fightyes
Snuck Out Of My Parent's Houseyes
Been Tied Uploosely
Played :Detectiveyes
Stolen Somethingyes
Gone On A :Blind Dateyes
Lied To A Friendyes...long time ago..still fell bad
Had A Crush On A Teacherprolly
Hurt Myself On Purposeno
Eaten :Sushiyes
Flashed Anyoneperhaps :)
Things in my Past I (Will) Regrettoo many
Most moving momentthis morning
Most humbling momentdaily
Family & Friends
Prettiest FriendYou
Opinion about Religion & Spirituality
:Religionask me
What do you think about
:SexGods gift to Mankind
In A Perfect WorldLove, Peace n Harmony
Kind of musicmost (60-70's) RocknRoll n newer Country
Least Favoriterap
Do you play an instrumentbanjo
Do you singin the shower
Eat & Drink
Kind of foodedible
Least Favoriteunedible
Ice Cream FlavorMint~n~Chip
CoffeeGods gift to mornings
What's on your desktopnotes
My bedroom is decorated likeSanford n son
In my bedroom, you'd findme n maybe ??
Do you like :roller coastersonce on them
:Appendix or :tonsils removedno
Dream car32 Ford Coupe Street Rod
Type of car you drive nowFord pickup
What was your first car36 Ford pickup
Home Exchangeif yours is on the beach sure
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionAs I approch my first year here at moove I want to Thank everyone :) My experiences are high on my
lifes memories list, from the wonderful friends, the skills I have learned and am still learning to the frustrations.
When I joined moove I had no idea what to expect...WOW... was I ever surprised in such a possitive way, where
else can someone meet people from all over the world, develop close friendships, create your own personal
home, learn skills on a daily basis all while having fun!!!

My Heart and Thanks to all, moove is indeed a magical place.
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AgeOver 20

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