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*Vakasha* of Vampyre Society

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House nameVampyre Society
BirthdayMon 01/13/1913
106 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Chinese signs Rat, Water
Time12:31 PM-7 hours
CountryUnited States
CitySuxxor Lane Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code 64830 Google Earth Google Maps :Alba, County :Jasper, State :Missouri
TitleDark Priestess
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
I am a Miztress of Darkness. I am close to few. I keep my friends close and my enemies closer. Be honest,
truthful, and open and we will get along fine.

I have returned home! Oh so glorious a time to return!


***************Things You Should Know*********************

We probably wont get along if:

1) You're a lier
2) You're a cheat
3) You spend most of your time talking about others
4) You have no respect for Life
5) If you are a c******* fanatic
6) If You hate Vampyres
7) If You don't respect my friends and family in my home.
8) If you have mulit nicknames and use them for tricking someone , snooping , or cheating on your mate under the original one you own
9) If you lie about me or dont get the facts straight.
10) If you judge me before you know Me
11) If you are a male chauvenist pig
12) If You are a Lady with no honor for yourself, in turn letting those around you walk all over you
13) If you are timid and withdrawn
14) If You don't know how to carry on in an intelligent comversation, without getting sidetracked and asking to many questions
15) If everytime I see you , you have something negative to say about yourself , or someone else
16) If you come in my home nude, most likely you wont ever enter it again... why? cause when you log in to rose for the first time you were are dressed, so you knew what you were doing
17) If you like b*******, gossip, lies, or scandels
18) If you aren't a man or woman of your word... (If you promise something , and have no intention of going through with it )
19) If you think rose is a game , instead of a 3D (CHAT)
20) If you think Im stupid enough to believe anything I hear from any of you I've just met.
21) If you claim to be or represent something you are not.
22) If you have negatives thoughts about those that visit and express them. (You will also be dismissed)
23) If you send mentals to those that you should not (anyone belonging to me) or those that have asked you not, to in my home (You will be dismisssed)(If you are in my home and dont want a mental tell me and I will handle it)
24) If you FIGHT or ARGUE with anyone while in my home. (You will be dismissed and not return unless talking to me first)(If there is someone at my home you do not like or cannot tolerate. Then tell me so and leave. Dont be rude)
25) If you argue with ME in my home.

I dont like rudeness and I will not tolerate it. So if you want to bring an attitude then dont even bother to visit. Believe me I have enough attitude for the both of us and I sure know how to use it!!

To barter with a Vampyre is an O' so dangerous game
for the Vampye will always win and your life will never be the same!!
Come one, Come all,
and welcome to Dark Minds.
Where angels fall,
and loving is not a crime.

Thru twisting corridors of delight,
I share with you my children of the night.
Partake in this forbidden fruit,
and dine with the darkness that has taken root.

Where fire burns and passion dwells,
Where untold secrets can be felt.
Within my mind, within your own,
We come here to make a home.

Thru the misty veils of the mind,
We hope to gather with our kind.
Where Vampyres and Gothics roam,
Yet one still knows they are alone.
The question, they've pondered.
Scholars, Researches, all kinds.
But what they want they'll never know.
'tis 'nuf to loose your mind!

For only the true blood
may answer with no lie.
And for every question answered,
a mortal life shall die.

And with no money
will the Vampyre be paid.
To command only under one instance...
that blood shall be trade.

So if you must ask
and if you must know.
a Vampyre must reap
before he will sow.

To barter with a Vampyre
is an O' so dangerous game
for the Vampye will always win
and your life will never be the same
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This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionI love the interaction here. I have met many wonderful people and I plan to stay for a very long time

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