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Ultra rich: 150445 C$Anniversary: 03/30/2006Golden Cup

House nameThe Rock of Ages
Music / Video
BirthdayTue 02/05/1952
67 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Chinese signs Dragon, Water
Time02:36 PM-6 hours
CountryUnited States
CityNW of Atlanta Google Earth Google Maps
OccupationMarketing / Sales
WebsiteBasic member
Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
I've become more and more fascinated with all the increasing resources available on line!

Have been an avid reader just about ever since I learned how! Mystery Thrillers are currently
my favorite read. Jeffrey Deaver and James Patterson and I have the entire "In Death" series by J.D. Robb
(AKA Nora Roberts). I LOVE doing things outdoors, especially flower gardening. It's so lovely to go
outside, pick roses and lillies and more and bring in a gorgeous bouquet. I also thoroughly enjoy spending a
beautiful day fishing, whether from a boat or from a dock or just from the bank of a river. I'm an excellent swimmer,
though am NOT so adventurous as to wish to investigate JAWS in "person" or any of those cute little water moccasins
as we have around water here in Georgia.

I guess you could call me a sort of treasure hunter type, as I love to hunt and find treasures of all sorts.
Finding an arrowhead, a WORK OF ART at my feet and crafted by a long gone hunter with love, great precision
and pride hundreds or more years ago is a thrill to me. I'm a geocacher (see I enjoy adding pretty or otherwise distinctive rocks
around my flowers, and, with all the fabulous information now available at my fingertips, I'm finding myself turning
into a "rockhound". Along with that, comes prospecting and panning for gold. I haven't had the opportunity
yet but plan to try that soon. Then there are the antique shows and flea markets and thrift stores where one can also discover treasures! Among other things, I plan to have many interesting types of
rocks, minerals, gems, etc. at my place as well as lots of information on that interest available for others.

Love participating in or watching a really good play. Making people laugh is one of my favorite things
of all!

I'm really looking forward to meeting you, well, at least once I learn my way around and get my avatar
and house set up! Hope to talk to you soon!
:Nickname in Real Life /First NameTricia
:Blood TypeO-
:RaceOnly in my car when someone tries to cut in front of me without signalling!
PetsSimon the Tabby Cat
:ReligionI'm a Christian. This is of top importance to me.
Mental StatusDepends on what my hormones are doing!
:AllergiesRude people
My :personality isYes
See the good sides of thingsYes and No
One Thing You'd Change About YourselfMy tendency to trust people as much as I have all my life.
Thing You Love Most About YourselfMy fun side
How You Feel Looking in the MirrorDepends on what my hormones are doing
How Others See YouPositive Attitude
Makes Me HappyA new friend. Making others laugh, or someone smile who looked glum before....
Makes Me SadRejection. Duhhhhh!
Makes Me HotHumidity
Your :FearsFailure at anything, I suppose
Thoughts First Waking UpCawwwffeeeeeeee! Uhhhhh
Are you a Health FreakNo
Do you get Motion SicknessAs a child
Do you believe in yourselfMost of the time
Ever been called a :TeaseHmm. Don't think so.
Do you make fun of peopleNo.
I believe inThe Golden Rule, Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you, and
I am :passionate aboutIf I fall in love, with someONE or an exciting project.......
Are you :claustrophobicOnly if I find myself in a tight, closed up place
Do you consider yourself :socialYes
:MottoDo unto others as you would have done unto you.
:FantasiesFinding true love and living happily ever after. Pretty wild, huh?!
Kind of people I likeIntelligent, kind, generous, patient, loving, sensitive, thoughtful, FUNNY......
I am searchingTo enjoy life as much as possible
Wish listTo own a small but luxurious cabin by a beautiful lake or river
Best things I learned from my parentsNever judge others by their appearance.
Do you believe in :fate / :destinyIn a way..
Do you like :poetryYes
Are you unforgivingNo
Are you :jealousHave been before.
Are you :enviousNo.
Your Most Missed MemoryDon't remember.
Most Influential PersonMy Dad
Your Habits
Do you :SmokeUnfortunately, yes.
Do you :CussRARELY
Do you :SwearDitto
Do you :SnoreHaven't heard.
Body :HygieneVery clean.
Do you like love bitingNo.
Do you like to scareOnly to make someone stop the hic-ups
Car drivingSomewhat aggressive, but try to be an example of how to be considerate of others
Your looks
Good LookingThere are those who say I am.
Best Physical FeatureAll that's behind me now I'm told.
Hair ColorNatural Silver frosted
Hair LengthShort and thick
Hair Style / TextureBangs--
:EthnicityIrish, English, Scottish, with a bit of Cherokee Indian thrown in
:Skin Tonepale
Ring Size8
:GlassesWhen reading.
:PiercingsOne each ear
Scars / Burns / Color Contacts"
Physical Disabilities"
Clothing styleI always prefer jeans but have to dress up for work in suits
ColorsJewel tones.
How many pairs of shoesI don't EVEN want to know...
moove online
How did u joinFound accidently while doing some internet research.
Why did u joinCould see it could be my kind of place.
Favorite partLearning how to design so many things.
I am looking forMore tools for designing things to use or give away.
Aim in :moove onlineEvolving
Perfect Partner
:PersonalityYES! That always helps a lot.
Love & Relationships
AvailableTechnically, but am not trying to meet Mr. Ri(ha ha ha!)ght---just new friends!
Been In LoveYes
Been DumpedYes
Do looks matterYes, at first. Have had crushes on totally unattractive guys before.
Did you ever change yourself to fit inI'm a chameleon in some ways, if I like the group.
What you have done
Eaten :SushiLOVE it!
Family & Friends
MotherNow living with me.
FatherNow living with me.
SistersOne. She's my best friend.
BrothersOne younger.
Best FriendOutside of my family, that would be Janet.
Opinion about Religion & Spirituality
:ReligionGod the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is my God.
:PrayEvery day.
:Jesus ChristMy King
:BibleThe Word.
What do you think about
:GunsAll law abiding citizens need one for protection these days.
Medical :MarijuanaShd be allowed for the ill (not just Grumpy!) who need it.
In A Perfect WorldPeople wd follow the Golden Rule, & wd
Kind of musicGolden Oldies, Classical, current Pop, Hawaiian, Reggae
Least FavoriteRap
:BandThe Beatles!
Music stationB98.5 FM and AM 750
Do you play an instrumentUsed to play French Horn.
Do you singYes, but people would much rather I didn't.
Eat & Drink
:DelicacyI'll go for the platter of beluga....
SchoolsMercer University, UGA, University of Valencia, Brunswick Jr. College
SubjectCommunications (with a Public Relations emphasis)
Club / SocietyPhi Theta Kappa
SkippedClepped English 101 and Psychology 101
LanguagesSpanish. Rusty in it but am working on refreshing my knowledge. French-a bit
Kind ofMystery Thrillers, Science Fiction, geological, etc.
:DiscoUsed to LOVE disco dancing! Love to dance period!
KidsNo more for me!
How do you want to DieHu ha. INSTANTLY. Before I even have a chance to know IT'S coming.
Favorites, commerciallandfsbo ...more
:QuoteDon't try 2 take th splinter out'f your bro's eye b4 you remove the log fm ur's
Curse WordDadgummit!
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionWorking with all the graphics and learning as I go. This is a wonderful way to do that, with the C's and the medals and all the fun things that go with learning to be a part of a new world of people.

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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