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*Tilly UK* of Funky Bungalow

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Helpful: 30 bonus pointsAnniversary: 01/03/2005

House nameFunky Bungalow
BirthdayMon 10/21/1963
55 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Libra/Scorpio
Chinese signs Rabbit, Water
Time06:33 PM-1 hour
CountryUnited Kingdom
CityLondon Google Earth Google Maps
OccupationMarketing / Sales
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionJust like the real world Moove has members of every race, nationality and lifestyle - you can make
fairly well informed decisions about the people you meet based on their nickpage, their webpage,
their actor's appearance or even just how they come across during a conversation. Virtually everyone
I've met on here so far has been lovely - friendliness seems to be something that is nurtured and
encouraged by the Moove management for which I am extremely thankful. I'd recommend anyone who
enjoys chatting online and meeting people from all over the world to consider joining Moove - it has the
added bonus of ONLY glamorous actors and NO CELLULITE!

Come and visit me! Just click here and become my friend on moove online!

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