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House nameHome of Checkpoint Charlie & Sweet1Buns
BirthdayMon 10/20/1947
71 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Libra/Scorpio
Chinese signs Pig, Fire
Time12:27 PM-6 hours
CountryUnited States
CityCleveland Google Earth Google Maps
ZIP/Postal code 44288 Google Earth Google Maps :Windham, County :Portage, State :Ohio
TitleMrs.Checkpoint Charlie
WebsiteBasic member
Married to*CHeCKPoiNT CHaRLie* « 04/02/2005Anniversary Since more than 13 Years Married to *CHeCKPoiNT CHaRLie*
InfoOur Wedding Date: April 02, 2005
Our Wedding Minister: Doc Knockwood
Our Witnesses: Safada of Dymeik's Baby Girl and GoLdEn_KaBaLa of A Masked Elve of the Moon Desires Secret Reflections
Together in real life since Aug. 30, 2014
Interests and Portrayal

Crafts, Crochet, Plastic Canvas, Needlepoint, Sewing, Gardening, Baking, Crossword Puzzles

House hours (30 days) 581
House hours (30 days) 611
House hours (30 days) 620

Became engaged to Kevin (Checkpoint Charlie) in Real Life Jan. 13, 2006.
Finally together in real life as of August 30, 2014.
:Nickname in Real Life /First NameDianne
BirthplaceCleveland, Ohio
:Left handednope
:Blood TypeB positive
Family1 son, 4 daughters, 5 grandsons, 1 soon to be husband
:ReligionRoman Catholic
Mental Statussane
:Chronic Diseasesnone
My :personality iscaring, passionate, and romantic type
Have been happy with myselfvery happy
See the good sides of thingsusually
One Thing You'd Change About Yourselfnothing
Makes Me HappyKevin makes me very happy. (Checkpoint Charlie)
Makes Me SadBeing away from Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
Always worryWhen you got kids you
Are you a Health Freaknope
Do you believe in yourselfYes I do.
Ever been called a :Teasesometimes
Do you make fun of peoplenope
I believe inGod
I am :passionate aboutEverything I do
Personality :VirtuesI am very patient and practical.
Special Talentcrocheting, plastic canvas and crafts
:AmbitionsMake my fiancÚ, Kevin (Checkpoint Charlie) happy.
:IntentionsMarry my fiancÚ..Kevin (Checkpoint Charlie) and make him happy.
Are you :claustrophobicnope
Do you consider yourself :socialsometimes
:MottoIn God We Trust
:DreamsBe with my fiancÚ, Kevin (Checkpoint Charlie).
Best things I learned from my parentsBe honest and be yourself.
Three things I can't live withoutlove, sex, Kevin
Three things, if alone on an islandbutterfingers, pepsi, Kevin
Do you believe in :fate / :destinyyes
Do you like :poetryyes, some
Are you unforgivingnope
Are you :jealousI try not to be jealous.
Are you :enviousnope
Your Most Missed MemoryTalking to my mom.
Most Influential PersonMy Mom.
Most Loving PersonKevin (Checkpoint Charlie)
Most Loved PersonKevin (Checkpoint Charlie)
Your Habits
Your BedtimeWhenever or IF I get there.
Do you :SmokeNope, never did.
Do you :Cussnope
Do you :Swearnope
Do you :Snoresometimes
Body :HygieneSqueaky Clean.
Favorite :houseworkhousework?? haha
Least Favorite houseworkhousework?? haha
Your Most Overused :PhraseDon't worry.
Car drivingI love to drive.
Your looks
Shoe size9W
Hair Colorbrown/graying
Hair Lengthshort to med length
Hair Style / Texturecurled/medium texture
:EthnicityPolish / Hungarian
:Skin Tonetanned
:Glove SizeMediium
Shirt Size16 W (36)
Pants Size14
Dress Size14 W
Ring Size6 1/2
Face Shapeoval
:GlassesFor reading sometimes.
Scars / Burns / Color Contactsnope
Physical Disabilitiesnone
Clothing stylecasual, dressy
What do you usually weardepends on the season or the occasion
Your everyday make upI very seldom wear make up.
Clothing BrandI'm not particular.
Where do you shopWalmart, Kmart, JC Penney, Sears, Kohls
ColorsBlue, Red
Color you never wearhmmm...don't think there is a color I haven't worn
You wouldn't be caught dead wearinglong skirts
Hand NailsMedium length.
Foot NailsCut short.
Earringspierced 14k...anything but hoops
Arm JewelleryBeautiful bracelet Keven got me for my birthday.
NecklacesOne I got from Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
RingsMy engagement ring from Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
WatchI have 2.
BeltsI don't wear.
HatsI don't wear.
SocksI don't wear in summer......knee-hi's in winter.
ShoesHeels and flats.
How many pairs of shoesI have several pairs.
JacketsA few.
Sunglasseshave a pair for driving
Spare Time
Thing to Do Aloneread, crochet or crafts
Single or Group Datessingle
Thing to Do in the EveningSpend time with my fiancÚ, Kevin (Checkpoint Charlie).
Searching for holiday partnerI'm not searching....have my fiancÚ....Kevin (Checkpoint Charlie)
TVWatch the news mostly, and TCM.
Go outI very seldom go out.
moove online
How did u joinA friend told me about it more than 5 years ago.
Why did u joinI was curious and looking for someone.
Favorite partI met my honey 5 years ago.....Kevin (Checkpoint Charlie)
I am looking forNo one, have found him....Kevin.(Checkpoint Charlie)
Aim in :moove onlineIt has happened....met my honey...Kevin.(Checkpoint Charlie)
Perfect Partner
:PersonalityI love him just the way he is.
How tallHe's 6'4.
Body typeIt doesn't matter to me.
EyesHe has hazel eyes.
Hair ColorHe has gray hair.
Short or Long HairHe has short hair.
Clothing StyleWhatever he wears.
Love & Relationships
AvailableNo..I'm engaged... Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
I am looking forNo engaged.....Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
Till then I am looking forNo engaged......Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
PreferencesMy fiancÚ....Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
Mate's Age55
Been In LoveYes, and am in love now.
Number of Past Relationships3
How Far You've GoneWell I have had 5
First DateHmmm back in high school.
First :KissHmmm....back in high school.
End of your last RelationshipSept. 11, 1998 when hubby died.
Whose Ring Do You WearEngagement ring from Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
:Blind Dates1
Favorite Outlet for DesireAnywhere with Kevin.
Do you believe in :love at first sightYes I do.
Who would you switch places withNo happy where I am.
Who are you :jealous ofI have no reason to be jealous.
Do you hang out with your friends a lotnope
Do looks matterNo, it's what's inside that counts
Did you ever change yourself to fit innope
For love or moneyFor love of course.
What you have done
Been DrunkYes, a long time ago.
Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sexyes
Kissed A Member Of The Same, sisters, daughters....kissin
Crashed A Friend's Carnope
Been To :Japannope
Been In A TaxiNo, but was on a streetcar once when I was a
Been On a PlaneYes,, Flew to California to be with Kevin.
Been Firednope
Been In A Fist Fightnope
Snuck Out Of My Parent's Housenope
Been Tied Upnope
Stolen Somethingnope
Gone On A :Blind Dateonce
Lied To A Friendnope
Had A Crush On A Teachernope
Hurt Myself On Purposenope
Eaten :Sushinope
Been :Snowboardingnope
Flashed Anyonenope
Ever self-pierced any part of yourselfnope
Ever dyed your hairyes
Things in my Past I (Will) RegretMy first marriage.
Family & Friends
Auntsall deceased
Unclesall deceased
Favorite Family Membermy kids, grandkids
Deceased Familymost of them
My lovesKevin (Checkpoint Charlie)
Best FriendKevin (Checkpoint Charlie) & Cherry
Deceased Friendsseveral
Most Caring PersonMy fiancÚ......Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie).
Opinion about Religion & Spirituality
:ReligionI believe in God.
:Good / :Evilgood
:God / :GodsI Believe there is one God.
Main :MoralLive by the Golden Rule.
:PrayI believe in prayer.
:ChurchI attend every Sunday.
What do you think about
:SexI love it.
:DrugsI don't do d****.
:GunsI am opposed to guns.
:AlcoholI very seldom drink.
:WarI am opposed to war.
:Big Bang TheoryI don't believe in it.
:RomanceI am very romantic.
:AbortionI am against abortion.
In A Perfect WorldThere is no such thing and never will be.
Kind of musicoldies, pop, big band, some country
Least Favoriterap, heavy metal
:BandThe Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Glenn Miller
:Singer, maleEddy Arnold, Elvis, Perry Como,Bing Crosby,John Denver, Pat Boone, Andy Williams
SongHolding Back the Years, Only You, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Islands in the Stream
Vocal SongSongs Kevin sings for me, Things we said today, After Dark.
Old SongOnly You....
Musical InstrumentAccordion
How many CD's do you haveNot too many.
Last CD you boughtSimply Red..Picture Book
What's in your CD player right nowSimply Red, Platters,
Do you download musicYes
Do you play an instrumentI played the accordion....years ago.
Do you
Have you ever been in a bandnope
Kind of moviesmusicals, comedy, romance
Least Favoritewar movies
:MovieThe Sound of Music, Oklahoma, Ma & Pa Kettle Series
:SitcomAll In The Family
:Soap operaI haven't watched soaps in 20 years, but my favorite was Days of Our Lives.
Game ShowJeopardy
Old ShowAmerican Bandstand, Mickey Mouse Club
Kids' ShowSesame Street
Reality ShowI don't watch them.
:CommercialThe old Coppertone commercial.
Movie :ActorJohn Wayne, Clark Gable..many more
Movie ActressNatalie Wood, Shirley Temple..many more
Eat & Drink
Kind of foodethnic foods...polish, hungarian, italian, german
Least Favoriteliver..yuck
FoodI Love
MealStuffed Peppers
Ice Cream FlavorBreyers Vanilla or Butter Pecan.
RestaurantThe Brown Derby Roadhouse, when I go.
Fast foodI very seldom eat fast food.
CandyDove dark chocolates, Butterfingers
DrinkI drink mostly water.
FruitI love all fruit.
PizzaI like with sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, hot peppers, mushrooms.
Salad dressingItalian
TeaSalada....every day
CoffeeMaxwell House.....very seldom
ColaPepsi or root beer once in a while.
SchoolsTransfiguration, A.B.Hart, 1965 graduate of Cleveland South High.
I Participate Involleyball, softball with family and friends
I WatchI watch football, baseball sometimes.
:SportsmanJim Thome
Kind offiction, non fiction.....romance..biographies
Least Favoritewar
:PoetJoyce Kilmer, Lord Alfred Tennyson, Walt Whitman
:AuthorVC Andrews, James Michener
:CartoonThe Flintstones
Cartoon CharacterPepe Le Pew
Magazinecrochet, crafts, home & garden
Latest NewsTogether with Checkpoint Charlie for the rest of our lives since August 30, 2014
:Church attendanceThe Past Sunday....go every Sunday
RestaurantBrown Derby Roadhouse
:AffairGetting virtual married to Checkpoint Charlie April 2, 2005.
RelationTo be with Kevin and get married.
KidsDone having kids.
HomeHere or anywhere with my fiancÚ....Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
PetsI have none. I've had two parakeets.
Goal To Achieve This YearTo be with my fiancÚ, Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
Greatest wishTo get married to Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
What do you want to beI want to be married and living with Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
What do you want to leave behindThe past..move on to the future.
If I had a million $I don't see that happening.....LOL.
How do you want to DiePeacefully in my sleep.
Place to beAnywhere with Kevin. (Checkpoint Charlie)
Place to chillMy backyard.
Girl's nameMarie
Boy's nameKevin
:RPGI don't play.
:Game SystemI don't play.
Type of family game to playI like board games or card games....UNO...Monopoly..Phase10
Perfume or cologneFar Away Sensual Embrace
:ArtistThomas Kinkade
:SmellCountry air at night.
:SoundKevin's voice.
:FlowerGardenia, Edelweiss, rose
:TreeMagnolia, Weeping Willow
:StoneDiamond, Opal
:Fairy taleCinderella
Kind of HouseThe one I will share with Kevin.
ButterflyMonarch, Swallowtail
What's on your desktopKevins' picture
In my bedroom, you'd findbed, tv, computer, 2 nightstands, 2 lamps
Do you like :roller coastersa few
:Appendix or :tonsils removedtonsils
Type of car you drive now1996 Chevy Corsica, light blue
What was your first car1967 Mercury Cougar, green
Home Exchangeno
Member News
This is what I like best about moove online
My opinionI met the love of my life on Moove 8 years ago back in basic. 2002 (Checkpoint Charlie)
I'm happy to say we became engaged in real life on Jan. 13, 2006.
AgeOver 20

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