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House nameWolf Baine Castle
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BirthdayWed 10/31/1900
118 Years, Basic member
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Chinese signs Rat, Metal
Time12:40 PM-7 hours
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Interests and Portrayal[->Web]
Late at night, when i lay awake in bed
Your eyes finally meet mine
But You belong somewhere else
.....So Fantasy is all i find
..Alive only in my mind
Oh but to,creep into Your room
A little help from the silvery moon
.....To silently fill Your dreams
You'd take my hand,and follow me to
.......another time....
........ A land Unseen....

Come with me, On a Wild Fantasy
Be One with Earth,Moon & Sky
Then lie with me ...awhile
As W/we defy the hands of Time
Come see the haven...i have buried deep inside
Hear my secrets..dreams..and fears
Will You recogonize my soul
Before we grow to old

Late at night,in the darkness of my mind
These visions haunt my dreams
Of You and i searching silently apart
Is it as crazy as it seems
I think i know what it means..
To break thru this Hell..
And cast a Magic spell..
To send You back in Time....
and I'd follow You to the ends of the Earth
....and all i hope to find..
Is Our love in this lifetime....
Wounded and hidden beneath the fur
Lies the past bite of the aggressor
Teeth marks forged into the hide
And the ache still within the joint

Eyes narrow and unforseen
In the shadows that bellow beneath
the heaving breath that's taken
Amongst a dense and narrow fog

The howl a cry into the distance
Of anguish and loss and loneliness
Caputred by the echos in time
Silence that falls upon the ground

Walking alone, bending the grass blades
Paw prints fossils in the damp earth
Head looking out with glowing eyes abroad
Laying down slowly sighing in the night

Waiting.... watching... hoping... ears perked
Every motion, every sound, an alert
Heart pounding in anxiousness
A tear slowly falls.

Spiders in the night Creeping around the walls Now you'll feel her crawling over you Creepy crawling things Filling up your bed Soon you'll feel her crawling through your veins You think she's there Beware her bite But when you look the spiders not insight Spiders reappear Taking peoples names Everything is taking down insane ..... both feet planted firm,knowing who to trust and not giving second chances,a new breed of Taluna has arose,not being givin a break ,trying to put past aside to trust again as it was shattered for no reason except revenge,never again will I change what I am and thats a Taluna
"The Halls of Common"

Now there's something i'd like to talk to you about at this peticular moment,
and that's about the one thing that we won't be able to do together, unless we
all become as one, and if we all become as one and then we can walk through
it together. Now i ain't walked through it all the way yet but there was a time i
walked into it and i had to go into it alone. That's this place called "The Halls of

Now when you go into The Halls of Common the way i did i don't know
it might have been halucination but i think it was real. See i felt the presence of
two energies, the positive and the negitive, of God and the Devil, however you
want it. And they was pulling and deciding and wunderin' what to do with my
soul, and i couldn't take this at this moment cause i had to come back to be with
you people, to do a thing, and i prove'd to them and bargin'd with them that i
had a thing to do for the good of all of us. Out of this bargin, for the Devil, he's
got my body for the good in his needs while i'm here on earth, and the Lord,
he's got my mind for the good of the universe, and for the good of man, and they
both, they got me in between because they both have got my soul. So the next
time i come up i want the Lord, to please,......... have mercy on my soul!

I walked through the Halls of Commons i shook hands with both the Devil and God.
They turned my eyes to the inside to see where my energies have gone. Yes i
walked with both all through my life. I respected them, reflectived them both.
Yes the sympathy of God as he looked in my life, the excitment of the Devil as he
talked. So Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy on my soul!

"We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for there tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And Therein we err, and greatly err. For the animals shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not breathern they are not underlings, they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth."
Henry Beston - The Outermost House

Once upon a lifetime
I looked in someone's eyes
And felt the fire burning in my heart
For the very first time
She was scared and young
And had never tasted love
So I took her by the hand
And a boy became a man
Once upon a lifetime

And once upon a lifetime
You hold the Queen of Hearts
And if you gamble on a diamond win
The dealin' starts

You stand to lose it all
As the cards begin to fall
And the lesson learned is hard
You're only dealt the Queen of Cards
Once upon a lifetime

So if you're taking chances, know the chance you take
A broken heart's a high price to pay
Foolish ways will make fools of the wise
And the best things seldom come along twice...
If all the beasts were gone,
Men would die from loneliness of spirit,
Since whatever happens to the beasts
Also happens to man.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the earth
Befalls the sons of the earth.

~Chief Seattle~


Look into their eyes
you will see intelligence,
thinking, planning, and a strength
(both physical and of character)


Man isn't the only intelligent
species on Mother Earth,
he just likes to think he is...
Maybe that is why some fear the wolf.

The Earth is our mother care for her
Honor all your relations
Open your heart and soul to the great spirit
All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect
Take from the earth what is needed and nothing more
Do what needs to be done, for the good of all
Give constant thanks to the great spirit for each new day
Speak the truth; but only of good in others
Follow the rythum of nature; rise and retire with the sun
Enjoy's life journey. leave no track
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My opinionI find Moove a great way to meet friends were you can where the acts dont look like something from a Horror Movie ,well except when I make them

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